Augmented Reality

Download the Augment El Paso APPS below 

***** ANDROID *****

Google Play: 

Amazon App Store:

App update (11/19/16) -- Test Fairy
temporary beta update for Android

Through the Lens of the iPhone

Robert Castaneda and David Figueroa,
the Augment El Paso creators,
view an image in "Augmented Reality"

Tanya Rich views the portrait image 
in augmented reality,
and enjoys the animated octopus,
with moving tentacles

After downloading and opening the app:

  • As if you were taking a picture, hold your smart phone or device in front of the print.  The Augmented Reality will automatically load.  

  • The viewer might have to turn the iPad screen away from the print for a second, and then turn it back as if taking a photo of the print --  and then watch parts of the print move in animation! 

  • Then tap the screen, and more magic may happen.

Zeke Pena's print
Tap the screen, 
to see Zeke's print

is also enhanced
with Augmented Reality

is also enhanced
with Augmented Reality
(keep tapping the screen!!!)

The above QR code
leads to this webpage, with the download links
(png, svg downloads)


Mexican Augmented Reality 2017 -- In a different augmented app, Neon Caron has "augmented" Mexican money:

UPDATE (Sept 2017):  Marina Monsisvais interviewed the Augment El Paso team -- David Figueroa, Romi Adams and Robert Castaneda -- on KTEP radio, originally broadcasted on September 2, 2017.

Amazon selling NFC tags , which can be programmed with an app, to send smart phone visitors to the Augment El Paso app online.  This is done when one passes his/her smartphone close to the NFC tag, and the URL is sent to the phone wirelessly.


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