These are resources that we relied on to create this print carpeta:

Archival Methods:
 Two On Stage keyboard stands -- KS7191
with the 26-1/2 x 38-1/2 x 5 Art Carrying Case,
makes a solid and portable print stand

Eternity Archival Clamshell boxes are sold at Jerry's Artarama in Tempe, and are big enough to store our large prints safely. $60 for 24, x 32 inch.

Takach Press -- printmaking supplies in Albuquerque

Sarnoff Artist Materials -- art store in Tucson

Tucson Container Corp/Kino Packaging -- Paul Hartsburg makes custom shipping boxes for artwork

Portfolio Box -- in Rhode Island is making custom presentation portfolio boxes for us

ULine Print Shipper 30 x 36 inches

Modern Masters Wildfire "Invisible Clear Color" paint


Folder with RTF files

Avery labels (for printing on 1" x 2-5/8"clear labels on Avery 15660 laser sheets):

(editable online in this link) (see all Avery products this template works for)

For the Desert Triangle Print Carpeta:

Avery labels (same format as above) for the Flight 64 prints:

Avery labels for both:

(This is for the O.P.P. show)

Explanation labels

large tucson and portland

Picture guide to Flight64

Thanks to:

Henry Sarnoff, Tad Lamb, Miguel Ibarra, James Schaub, Patrick Shaw Cable, Ben Fyffe, Regina Held, Arturo Negrete, David Negrete, Carlos, Wilma, Nidia Rosales Moreno, Adri├ín Aguirre, Beatriz Rivas, Dwight Metzger, Nick Beauregard, Anthony, Alan Hodson, Jonathan “JJ” Childress, Isiah Marines, Per Anderson, Jeik Catlin Ficker, Regina Held, Ren Adams, Pamela Wesolek, Deborah and Jim Cool-Flowers, Russell Riekeman, Stuart Einhorn, Ruth and William Whitaker, Christian Gerstheimer, Steve Eye, Robert Castaneda and David Figueroa, Hector Becerra, Laura Turon, Atenas Campbell, Keith Allyn Spencer, Gustavo Arriaga, David Sokolec, Hector Becerra, Cynthia Evans, Mari Hernandez, Cedric Simbi, Anthony Siddons, Carlos Gomez

Thanks to the coffee houses that gave me the Internet:



El Paso

Las Cruces



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