Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Southwest Print Fiesta 2017

We drove down to Silver City for the second Southwest Print Fiesta (Sept 1 - 3, 2017) to see what the desert printmakers are up to.  Last year we participated, selling Desert Triangle prints at the Southwest Print Fiesta 2016.

Steamrolling a large Mike Kimball print

Mike Kimball is from Albuquerque

The Desert Triangle Print Carpeta participated in last year's Southwest Print Fiesta 2016:

Mike Kimball  at work

Mike Kimball shows off the large size of his print

Mike Kimball's mastepiece

Steamroller prints were done with 
which is water based --
James Bailey from the University of Montana,
inked the steamroller prints

Several Desert Triangle printmakers made steamroller prints at Chalk the Block in El Paso in 2014.  In fact, it was during that event that the Desert Triangle Print Carpeta was conceived.

Tanline from Tucson was selling prints from their tent.  They printed 4 of the Desert Triangle prints under the name "Tucson Community Workshop."  Currently they sell prints in their Tiny Town store, on 4th Avenue in Tucson:

Tanline from Tucson
looking good in their tent

Amanda ran the Tanline tent

Rio Sangre from Las Cruces,
they were also there last year

We bought the colorful reduction print
of Colorado

We ran into Chris Bardey from Las Cruces,
(but not a tent at the Print Fiesta)

We also bought 2 prints from Mike Kimball,
to exhibit in Puebla, Mexico

at the Southwest Print Fiesta

There was also a pop-up print show the previous day, at the FireCloud Trader's gallery (soon to be "Light Artspace):

Site of pop-up print show

"Three Faces of Eve"
(Silver City)

"Honey Glitters"
(Silver City)

The prints were hung with "Good Hangups" magnetic/sticker print hanging system:

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Horned Toad Prints Rises Again

Organized by Manuel Guerra, the second El Paso print exchange --  Horned Toad Print Exchange II 2017-- is now finished, and being framed at Sarnoffs for upcoming exhibitions (old call for printmakers).

The first Horned Toad Print Exchange lead to the big Desert Triangle Print Carpeta project.  It inspired the YayBig Print Exchange from Tucson (organized by Joe Marshall).  Then both print exchanges were framed and exhibited together at Chalk the Block 2014 in El Paso.   

Answering the momentum from both prints exchanges, the Desert Triangle Print Carpeta was conceived at Chalk the Block, in October 2014.

Every printmaker sent in an edition of ten prints, 8 x 10 inches, to Horned Toad Prints in El Paso.  Later they received a package of 8 different prints, from the other printmakers.  Participants did not receive all the prints, as 53 printmakers total participated.

6 printmakers from Oaxaca participated

The excitement of receiving one's packet of prints
from the Horned Toad Print Exchange


53 printmakers, from 3 continents, participated:

Printmakers from 5 countries participated


Tuesday, August 8, 2017

From Behind the Wall -- Mexican Prints in Albuquerque

From Behind the Wall -- 
Prints by Contemporary Mexican Maestros

We had a great opening last Friday, for the Mexican print exhibition at Remarque in Albuquerque (August 4th, 2017).

The exhibition runs through August 26th, open Friday and Saturdays, from 10 - 6 PM, and by appointment.

One of the huge windfalls of the Desert Triangle project was that we started working with, and relating to, the huge printmaking talent below the border. Almost half of our prints for the Desert Triangle Print Carpeta were produced in Mexico.  Moreover, we have shown the Desert Triangle Print Carpeta in Mexico City, Oaxaca and Puebla.  And if we are lucky, that relationship between our artists, and the Mexican artists, will continue.

We are really proud to show some of the Mexican prints we collected since putting together the Desert Triangle Print Carpeta

I believe that artists in the US border states need to look south for inspiration, perhaps before looking west to LA and San Francisco, or east to New York.

During the middle of the opening, we also unpacked 3 Mexican carpetas (portfolios) for show:

Inspecting the Oaxaca Carpeta Nacional

Gallery hosts
Ren Adams and Matthew Barrett

to hang the unframed prints

Jessica Krichels, one of the owners of Remarque Print Workshop, brought back 2 prints by Mexican women printmakers, from the studio of El Pinche Grabador in Guanajuato, especially for this exhibition:

"Guardinia Nocturna"

"Protector de la Cosecha"
Relief print

We agree with Glasstire, that if you are an art lover -- You Should Go to Mexico.  It's very accessible to the US border states.

In the adjacent gallery at Remarque, was a painting show by Michelle Sharp:

Paintings by Michelle Sharp

Michelle Sharp
(in black dress towards right)

Also our friend John Paul Gutierrez had an opening down the street, at Stranger Factory that night:

And the New Mexico Art League is also showing prints in Albuquerque -- Limited Edition (July 18 - August 19, 2017).  Review of the exhibition in the Albuquerque Journal by Wesley Pollka (August 6, 2017).

This dry point by Dennis Liberty was featured in the exhibition:

"Spiritus, Mundi, La Bajada"
Dry point