Sunday, February 4, 2018

Austin Summary

Desert Triangle Print Carpeta exhibition at Mexic-Arte Museum in Austin:
January 26 – May 27, 2018 (Closed February 12 – March 1  -- note, the closure dates have been reduced) 

We had a great opening at Mexic-Arte Museum in Austin on January 26, 2018!!! It was good to take the Desert Triangle out of Mountain Time.

We also participated in PRINT AUSTIN 2018, and enjoyed the other print exhibits!

Arturo Negrete arriving from Mexico City,
in front of the banner outside of Mexic-Arte,
on the main street of Austin,
Congress Avenue

 The below is a summary of all the blog entries we made while showing prints in Austin:


Many Desert Triangle artists attended the opening:  Francisco Delgado, Los Dos, Jellyfish, Henry Morales, Tanya Rich, Krrrl, and David Figueroa who did all the augmented reality enhancements.  Also Arturo Negrete of Taller 75 Grados in Mexico City; his studio produced a 3rd of the Desert Triangle prints.

Sylvia Orozco, director of Mexic-Arte Museum,
with Francisco Delgado of El Paso

The Desert Triangle graphic,
in the front of the back gallery

Arturo Negrete was part of the talk the day after the opening;
Francisco Delgado translated

Carpeta artist collectives Los Dos and Jellyfish,
came to the opening, 

Glasstire visited Mexic-Arte
and mentioned the Desert Triangle in their YouTube Top Five


The Desert Triangle Print Carpeta  exhibition was part of the  PRINT AUSTIN 2018 month

Cathy Savage,
co-founder of PRINT AUSTIN

Elvia Perrin, co-founder of PRINT AUSTIN,
surrounded by dangerous printmakers

organized by Tim High,
printmaking professor at the University of Texas, Austin

Pavel Acevedo, of the Desert Triangle,
included 3 other Desert Triangle printmakers,
in the show he co-organized,

holds up the print we bought by Paul del Bosque , Austin artist,
printed by Taller 75 Grados in Mexico City

NoteFlatbed Press, aka Flatbed World Headquarters, the center of the printmaking community, lost their lease, and will be looking to relocate by February, 2019... but The Road Goes on Forever...

Cause ... in Austin, and with prints,
the party never ends!

of Desert Triangle printmakers

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Border Promise -- Steamroller Prints Revisted

BorderÇ€Promise  -- a PRINT AUSTIN event at the Elisabet Ney Museum, February 3rd and 4th, 2018.

hung fabric prints they did at past steamroller print events,
and made large "dance prints" in Austin

The Desert Triangle Print Carpeta was conceived during the Chalk the Block 2014 arts festival.  During that event, some of the El Paso printmakers in the Desert Triangle, participated in the steamroller printing event with Luis Valderas and Kim Bishop.  So  we find it very poetic to meet them again during PRINT AUSTIN 2018, going full circle, almost 4 years later.  Some of the fabric prints done in El Paso were on display outside the Elisabet Ney Museum during the event.

Feb 3rd, 2018

immediately next to his print
on the white fabric

immediately next to his print
-- "Todos Ponen" --
on the blue fabric

Shaun Haugen and Kim Bishop,
slinging ink

Dancing to print,
instead of using a steam roller

Laying fabric over the inked print boards
(Luis Garza, photographer, left hand corner)

Laying Kraft paper over the fabric

Plastic over the paper and fabric --
Then dancing to print,
one more time

Oliver Franklin,
Director of the Elisabeth Ney Museum,
where this event was held

Feb 4th, 2018

More dancing!

Elisabeth Ney Museum

Not the last dance -- Luis Valderas, Kim Bishop, Paul Karam  and Luis Garza plan to make even more large prints this way, and display them at the border.  We hope to see them again in the future.