Thursday, October 15, 2015

Tanya Rich

"Receive the Desires of your Heart"

Tanya Rich of Tucson had her silk screen pulled at the Gloo Factory (Tucson).

Original drawing

Drawing transferred to woodblock


Woodcut to silkscreen

Tanya printed her woodcut
onto vellum
and burned the image into silkscreen

First print with Gonzalo Espinosa
(Gonzalo also contributed a print to the Desert Triangle)
at "Taller Sin Miedo"

Painted print,
to be silk screened in 5 colors

Using the vacuum exposure unit
as a light table
to make a vellum
for each color to be silk screened

Nick Beauregard looking at one of the screens,
he did the printing

Tanya then made her edition
at the Gloo Factory in Tucson


Dwight Metzger 
owner of the Gloo Factory

with the MotionPortrait app --
Repeat over and over (hit "full screen" for best experience)

Tanya's serigraph is enhanced with the Augmented El Paso app:

Augment in Wonderland
David Figueroa, one of the Augment El Paso guys,
falls into his own creation,

Last year Tanya printed in Oaxacaat Ishuakara Taller

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