Print Challlenge

Chuco vs Austintatious  
(aka El Paso vs Austin)

Tucson vs Portlandia 
 (aka Tucson vs Portland)

Burque vs Fanta Se 
(aka Albuquerque vs Santa Fe)

I can imagine printmakers facing off in two cities, if only to make art more interesting.  A show from artists in two cities, might be more interesting than just another exhibition of local artists. Moreover, that exhibition could happen in two cities, getting twice the bang for  the framing costs.

I can imagine 5 printmakers from say El Paso, producing 5 quality prints for show.  And another 5 printmakers from Austin, answering with their 5 prints.  10 good prints would make a good exhibition, in both Austin and El Paso, bridging the region.

(10 x 16 inch image)
framed with acrylic

A lot can be said with a 12 x 18 inch print, so perhaps this challenge idea would work best with smaller prints.  5 of them -- all the same size -- would ship easily with FedEx.

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