Thursday, December 1, 2016

Live Printing in El Paso

Live silk screening of 2 prints -- by Krrrl (Albuquerque) and Ziero Muko (Juarez) --  during the weekly "Art en Vivo" event at Proper Printshop in El Paso -- Thursday, December 1st, 6 - 9 pm.

Krrrl's print

4 color print

Screen of key color (dark blue)

Pilo (l) and Aaron (r) mixing transparent colors.
Pilo is part of the Jellyfish Colectivo,
 added the colors
to Krrrl's print

We had a good turnout 
for the live printing event

Mark did the live printing


Signing prints

Proper Printshop also live printed
Ziero Muko's artwork
during the event

The Portland prints in the background,
also drew some attention

DJs Vinn-e and Alfredo Maci 
aka Project Sol

Thank you Eduardo,
for making vegan tamales
for the event

Beer from Ode Brewery
of El Paso

Many of the Desert Triangle artists also made a print edition during the "Art en Vivo" events 2016:

Los Dos-- $40

Tim Razo-- $40

Meanwhile, our friend Cynthia Evans is having a closing the next night (December 2nd) in the Honeyguide Gallery at JVB's in El Paso, of her print blocks -- "Remanence."  She did two print demos at the El Paso Museum of Art during out Desert Triangle exhibition earlier in 2016.

CNCed the above block

Cynthia also steam roller printed  this block,
at the print fair in Houston, April 2016.
She came out to help man 
our Desert Triangle booth,
during the event.

Update (May 2017):  The whole Proper Print portfolio was sold for over $10,000 at the 2017 Amor por Juarez silent auction.  

52 framed prints hanging at the
Amor por Juarez silent auction,
in the Sotoa Building in downtown El Paso

The whole portfolio 
sold for over $10,000

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