Wednesday, December 14, 2016

New Grounds, New Ownership -- Albuquerque

Some of the Albuquerque prints are now hanging at New Grounds Print Workshop in Albuquerque.

This is appropriate since we showed the El Paso prints in Austin last month, and showed Tucson vs Portland prints in Tucson earlier this year.

Prints from KrrrlHenry Morales from Albuquerque,

Ruben Urrea Moreno's relief edition was produced at New Grounds in 2015:

We exhibited the Desert Triangle at the Matrix Gallery in July 2016, which was affiliated with New Grounds Print Workshop.

We also had a YayBig Southwest print pop-up showing at New Grounds in March, 2014:


Now 4 new owners are running New Grounds Print Workshop, having bought the business from Regina Held:

Jessica, Lincoln, Mary and Jessica

Currently New Grounds is offering a 3 month membership special for $700..

Also, New Grounds is exhibiting their 4th International Juried Print Exhibition -- December 1st 2016 - January 31th, 2017.  Ren Adams was the juror.

Flyer for the 

Meanwhile, in Santa Fe, the Argos Gallery has an impressive show of historical prints, from the collection of Dr Robert Bell.  Many prints, from well known masters like Duer, Rembrandt, Goya, Dore, Kathe Kollwitz, Max Klinger, Gustave Baumann, Eli Levin and more. Article in the  Pasatiempo.  Show runs from  Dec 2nd - Jan 6th.

They are also showing

We will be showing the YayBig Print Exchange at New Grounds, opening First Friday, February 3rd, 2017.  Also, there will be a "Members Show" at the same time, in the Large Gallery.

from the YayBig Print Exchange.
He ran the former YayBig Gallery in Tucson,,
and helped organize the print exchange.

In March, New Grounds may host a print fair -- "High Desert Down and Dirty Print Extravaganza."  Stay tuned.

In another part of Albuquerque, Krrrl has arranged a print show at the South Broadway Cultural Center -- April 20th - June 2nd, 2017.

Much of that exhibition will come from the print show at the Purple Gallery in El Paso, opening February 23rd.

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