Friday, February 24, 2017

Postre Prints Opening -- El Paso

We had a great Postre Prints opening at the Purple Gallery in downtown El Paso -- during the Last Thursday Gallery Crawl, February 23rd, 2017:

Wednesdays 1-6, Thursdays 7:30-10:30 pm and Fridays 1-6

Miss Print came to our opening!

on the wall of the Purple Gallery
in downtown El Paso

Music provided by


Steampunk Security

Dessert treats from Bowie Bakery

and other printmaking materials --
plus the glass barren-- Print Frog,
for hand printing

Chef Eduardo Bouche created Oaxaqueña salsas

Art Critic

Francisco Delagado  and Erica Marin,
standing in front of Francisco's lithographs.
Thank you Erica Marin
for running the Purple Gallery!

Peter Svarzbein stands in front of his print (lower)
Peter started the Purple Gallery.

in front of his print (top)
which was selected by the 

Cynthia Evans stands in front of her print
of the mouth (lower right)

stands in front of his print (blue, top right)

Los Dos in front of their print (lower, green)
Ramon and Christian Cardenas

Los Dos made the cover of the Washington Post the day before our opening (Feb 22nd), with their mural in downtown El Paso:

in front of his print (lower)

in front of their print (upper right, orange)

Samuel A Garcia
in front of his print (bottom, red)
which was selected by the 

in front of his print
(upper right, orange)

in front of his self-portrait print (right)

Pablo Medina
in front of his print (lower)

in front of her print (lower);
note that Pavel's print (upper)
is of Christin

Print collector Juan Sandoval
receives a "Mezcal" print

Artist Ziero Muko and his girl friend
came from Ciudad Juarez to our opening

Raul hits the 400 Conejos Mezcal

Sale of Yorch's print


Meanwhile, FabLab El Paso featured live printing by Cynthia Evans during the Last Thursday Artcrawl, at the new Roderick ArtSpace building:

Cynthia Evans did a print demonstration that night 
Gabriel Perez created on of the prints

FabLab El Paso had a soft opening in the new 
Roderick ArtSpace building in downtown El Paso.
In addition to Cynthia Evan's print demo,
they showed off Tilt Brush,
importing one of Yorch's prints into the 3D environment.

FabLab El Paso
is also helping FabLab Juarez,


Proper Printshop had an Art in Vivo live silk-screening event in their new space at Roderick Artspace, live printing work by Christian Castaneda  of Mexico City:

Proper Printshop also had a soft opening
in their new tienda space
at the Roderick ArtSpace

Christian Castaneda of Mexico City,
holds up her print.
Proper Printshop did a live printing event
creating a serigraph edition of this print.
She is also showing work in Ciudad Juarez
at the mobile Proyecto Impala Gallery.

Christian Castaneda's mural
at the Proyecto Impala mobile gallery
in Juarez

Edwin Stuart suggested that we call our first sequel exhibition to the Desert Triangle Print Carpeta, the "Dessert Triangle," because it only makes sense.  Keeping with the same theme, we named this show "Postre Prints"  -- as "postre" means dessert in Spanish.  

Thank you very much Erica Marin and Peter Svarzbein, for having us and showing our prints at the Purple Gallery!

Also, thank you very much Federico Villalba, without whose help none of this could have happened, a virtual ambassador of El Paso.

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