Friday, April 20, 2018

It Came from the Bayou 2018

Krrrl is venturing out to Houston again, for the"Wiener Welcome" (April 21st) and "It Came from the Bayou" print fair (April 22nd), to see what the Central Time Texas printmakers are up to.

The main event takes place on Sunday (April 22nd) at the Saint Arnold Brewery -- 2000 Lyons Ave, in Houston.

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Wiener Welcome and Poster Show
Saturday, April 21st

The day before the "It Came from the Bayou" Print Fair in Houston, there was a "Wiener Welcome Poster Show" at Burning Bones Press.  28 artists from all over the country contributed prints, including Krrrl.  This is a great event, as the printmakers bring a lot of energy with them.

@burningbonespress Instagram

Krrrl's bad print is the middle red one

Some of the Printmakers
with their Prints

Carlos Hernandez
@electriccalavera on Instagram

Tess Doyle

Selene Bataille
@selene.bataille Instagram

Kendall Bradley

Emmett Merrill

Jackson Kissel
@darktideprints Instagram
St Louis

Casey McGarr
@inkylipspress Instagram

Carlos Pozo
@cavemanarchitect Instagram

Martin Mazorra
@cannonballpress Instagram

Joshua Kolbow
Green Rabbit Press
from the University of North Dakota

Austin God --
from the first psychedelic band
13th Floor Elevators!

Master Printmaker Tom Huck
receives the catalog for the Horned Toad Print Exchange II
as we are trying to get him and his crew
to participate in Horned Toad III/Ambos Lados

One of the Burning Bone's presses

Print legacy

Gathering of the Printmakers
(where's Manny Guerra?)

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