Sunday, November 19, 2023

Live Printmaking at the University of Arizona Reception

During the reception on October 26, 2023, we made prints live, on a Tortilla Press (an idea we borrowed from Tres Gatos Press of Guadalajara), and passed the prints out for free.  This post is repeated on the BUCKET EXHIBITIONS blog:

An AI print
on handmade paper

at the University of Arizona Art Museum
(L to R) Chelsea Farrar (curator), Olivia Miller (museum director)
Manuel Guerra and Karl Whitaker holding the pink bucket,
Joe Marshall and Linda Marie Garcia

Linda Marie Garcia
holding down the printmaking station

Lydia See,

Lydia See jumped in and
held down the printmaking station

Olivia Miller, Director of the University of Arizona Art Museum,
receives a roadrunner print

Albert Chamillard, Exhibition Specialist
receives a "javalina" print

Prints for the catering staff

Printing on laser cut EVA foam

Chelsea Farrar, Curator at the University of Arizona Art Museum,
points to Manny's free drink ticket
as Joe Marshall looks on

Linda Marie Garcia and Karl Whitaker
manning the printmaking station

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