Sunday, November 19, 2023

The Gallery at the University of Arizona Art Museum

The gallery at the University of Arizona Art Museum of the Desert Triangle Print Carpeta exhibition:

stands next to the legend

starting from the main northeast entrance 

Sophie Briley wrote the legend panel in the middle of the gallery:

Desert Triangle Print Carpeta

The Desert Triangle Print Carpeta is a collaborative project born from the mind of self-proclaimed art agitator Karl "KRЯRL" Whitaker, who wished to showcase the artistic merit that exists within the American Southwest.  KRЯRL traveled around the region defined by Tucson, Albuquerque, and El Paso -- a desert triangle -- and recruited 29 other artists living in or near these cities to collaborate on a print portfolio.  These artists were given no other instructions but to print on a full sheet of 22- x 30-inch paper and to avoid total abstraction.   The size and scope of the prints illustrate the depth of craftmanship and creativity that contemporary Southwest artists have to offer.  Through these works, the exhibition explores the following themes:  gender and sexuality, religious and spiritual icons, personal narratives, social and political critique, and sense of place.

Featuring prints by: Pavel Acevedo, Jesus "CIMI" Alvarado, Chris Bardey, Cristina Cárdenas, Nani Chacon, Mark Christian, Michael Contreras, Francisco Delgado, Gonzalo Espinosa, Rudy Flores, Manuel Guerra, Jellyfish Colectivo, KRRRL, Los Dos, Joe Marshall, Raul Monarrez, Henry Morales, Lo Moran, Ruben Urrea Moreno, Victor Muheddine, Tino Ortega, Zeke Peña, Matthew Poe, Martin Quintanilla, Tim Razo, Rezizte Colectivo, Tanya Rich, Rogo, Federico Villalba and Mykl Wells.

This exhibition was curated by Sophie Briley (B.A. Art History, '23), the Edward and Nancy Strauss curatorial intern.  Spanish translations by Denisse Brito.


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