Friday, July 31, 2015

Mark Christian

"False Idols Win Titles"

Mark Christian cut his woodblock relief board in Tucson, and then we sent it to El Paso to have it printed, by Manuel Guerra and Raul Monarrez,  at Horned Toad Prints:

Mark Christian signing his prints,
in the hallway of the
 Pleasure World Artist Studios and Galleries building,
in Tucson 

Raul Monarrez helped press Mark's print.
the Desert Triangle Print Carpeta

Manuel Guerra adjusting his press.
Horned Toad Prints is his personal studio.
Desert Triangle Print Carpeta

Job well done!

Printed at Horned Toad Prints

 Update:  Manny would have preferred to print Mark's edition with a large roller.  But he did not have one then.

Later he got one from Takach Press (in Albuquerque) -- 28 inch long, 10.5 inch diameter, 60 durometer:

Grinding the larger roller,
to take out any imperfections

Joe cleaning the ground roller,
with a quick drying solvent,
that "flashes" quickly

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