Saturday, September 2, 2017

Southwest Print Fiesta 2017

We drove down to Silver City for the second Southwest Print Fiesta (Sept 1 - 3, 2017) to see what the desert printmakers are up to.  Last year we participated, selling Desert Triangle prints at the Southwest Print Fiesta 2016.

Steamrolling a large Mike Kimball print

Mike Kimball is from Albuquerque

The Desert Triangle Print Carpeta participated in last year's Southwest Print Fiesta 2016:

Mike Kimball  at work

Mike Kimball shows off the large size of his print

Mike Kimball's mastepiece

Steamroller prints were done with 
which is water based --
James Bailey from the University of Montana,
inked the steamroller prints

Several Desert Triangle printmakers made steamroller prints at Chalk the Block in El Paso in 2014.  In fact, it was during that event that the Desert Triangle Print Carpeta was conceived.

Tanline from Tucson was selling prints from their tent.  They printed 4 of the Desert Triangle prints under the name "Tucson Community Workshop."  Currently they sell prints in their Tiny Town store, on 4th Avenue in Tucson:

Tanline from Tucson
looking good in their tent

Amanda ran the Tanline tent

Rio Sangre from Las Cruces,
they were also there last year

We bought the colorful reduction print
of Colorado

We ran into Chris Bardey from Las Cruces,
(but not a tent at the Print Fiesta)

We also bought 2 prints from Mike Kimball,
to exhibit in Puebla, Mexico

at the Southwest Print Fiesta

There was also a pop-up print show the previous day, at the FireCloud Trader's gallery (soon to be "Light Artspace):

Site of pop-up print show

"Three Faces of Eve"
(Silver City)

"Honey Glitters"
(Silver City)

The prints were hung with "Good Hangups" magnetic/sticker print hanging system:

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