Saturday, September 3, 2016

Silver City -- Southwest Print Fiesta

We brought the Desert Triangle Print Carpeta to the Southwest Print Fiesta in Silver City, New Mexico -- September 2 - 4.

Steamroller printing

El Paso Printmakers
(Saturday, September 3rd, Vendors Market)

Our Desert Triangle vendor tent was in line with a bunch of the El Paso printmakers:

Our tent with 3 "art carry cases" of prints,
as pointed out by the Negrete brothers
of Taller 75 Grados of Mexico City

Alejandro and Arturo Negrete
scare off customers

had the booth next to us,
with serigraph prints

Proper Printshop of El Paso,
had the booth on the other side of us

Proper Printshop did live printing
of Southwest Print Fiesta posters

The Southwest Print Fiesta poster,
on silver paper

Cynthia Evans and crew,
from the printmaking classes

Marco Sanchez of El Paso
also had a tent

Pilo and Atenas of Ciudad Juarez,
hold up the print the Jellyfish Colectivo did
for the Desert Triangle

Street Entertainment

The second steamroller print

Other Printmaker Tents

from Las Cruces

Mitch Lyons from Pennsylvania,
Southwest Print Fiesta Artist-in-Residence,
demonstrated his clay printmaking technique

Village Press from Magdalena, New Mexico

in Las Cruces

Prints We Bought

We bought two prints from 
of Las Cruces

We bought 3 prints 
from Kaitlin Reese
of Santa Fe

We bought an etching from
of T or C, New Mexico

We bought a reduction print
of Tucson

Friday Night Introduction Tour
(Friday, September 2nd)

Kevin Lenkner the Southwest Print Fiesta,
 gives an introduction talk,
right before the studio tour.
Adjacent, in the pink shirt, is Mitch Lyons,
the "Artist-in-Residence" of the Print Fiesta

clay prints on display

One Off Gallery in Silver City,

One Off Gallery in Silver City,

Power Light and Press in Silver City,

Power Light and Press  letterpress presses

Power Light and Press in Silver City,

The next day
sponsored monoprint demonstrations,
in part to celebrate 
the re-opening of their print department

One of the steamroller prints hanging at WNMU

All of our prints and display cases and stands,
fit in the Honda Tardis

We met Rocky of Morning Star silk screeners of Silver City, and Joe Barela of Seribellum Press in Las Cruces.

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