Thursday, October 4, 2018

Setting up in Silver City

We are showing the Horned Toad II Print Exchange in Silver City -- the geographical center of the Desert Triangle; ie Tucson, El Paso, and Albuquerque.  This is for the 3rd annual Southwest Print Fiesta.

Our opening is on Friday, October 5, 2018 -- 5 - 8 PM -- at the Seedboat Gallery in Silver City.

Our exhibition is at the Seedboat Gallery
-- 214 W Yankie Street --

First, we picked up the framed prints from Jules Floss, near Yuma, Arizona.  The Horned Toad II Print Exchange was previously shown at the Arizona Western College annex, in San Luis, Arizona (right on the Mexican border).

We are hanging the show the previous Wednesday and Thursday.  Moreover, we sharing the space with a political print show.  Francisco Delgado is in both shows, so there is some poetic overlap.  Los Dos is prominent in the political poster print show.

Hanging the prints
at the Seedboat Gallery in Silver City

The political poster show
is in the other half of the Seedboat Gallery

is exhibiting at Light Art Space,

Manuel Guerra, the head honcho at Horned Toad Prints, is driving up a day early, prepared with 2 bottles of 400 rabbits, ie good mezcal.

with 800 rabbits

Manny is bringing the
3D printed printing press
as an extra bonus

Meanwhile, on Thursday night, Taller 75 Grados from Mexico city, will be selling serigraph print at the PDA pop-up gallery, on San Jacinto Plaza, in downtown El Paso.  They 

Meanwhile again, during the same weekend as the Southwest Print Fiesta in Silver City, Carlos Hernandez is having an Inkslinger show with other Texas printmakers -- John Hancock, Dennis McNett, Dirk Fowler,  Amber Kaiser, Tess Doyle, Bird Bonez, and more.., in Lubbock.

Side note: We are furiously working on the next print exchange -- the Ambos Lados International Print Exchange -- and setting up our next exhibition, of the Ambos Lados print exchange in Arlington, Texas next March, for the SGCI 2019 print convention in North Texas next year (see write-up).  We are looking forward to seeing Carlos Hernandez there, along with rest of the Texas printmakers, and others from around the countryand world.

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