Friday, April 15, 2016

Reception at the El Paso Museum of Art

Over 300 people turned out for our reception (April 14, 2016) at the El Paso Museum of Art:

Taller 75 Grados from Mexico City gave a silk screen demo at the El Paso Museum of Art and handed out free serigraphs designed by Erendida Mancilla, from San Luis Potosi:

Taller 75 Grados from Mexico City
gave a silk screen demo 

Maestro Arturo Negrete
getting busy with a squeegee

Carpeta artists talk with print collector Juan Sandoval:

Arturo Negrete surrounded by the Jellyfish Colectivo --
Atena Campbell and Leonel Portillo (Pilo)

Mykl Wells came from Tucson,
seen here standing next to his print

Krrrl, Juan Sandoval, and Dr Patrick Shaw Cable
(Senior Curator at the El Paso Museum of Art)

Tino Ortega, one of the print artists

Cimi Alvarado, one of the print artists

Pavel Acevedo and Vanessa

contributed her press to make Pavel's print

and his wife Cathy Chen

Carlos Alejandro, Tego, Maestro Arturo Negrete --
Tego is featured in the above print,
Carlos and Arturo printed it
at Taller 75 Grados in Mexico City

Maestro Arturo
on one of Tego's bicycles
outside the El Paso Museum of Art
during the reception

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  1. Thanks for these details of this event. I attended a similar imaginative realism art show at local wedding venues Los Angeles. That was truly an interesting event and would like to be part of similar events in future too.