Thursday, July 30, 2015

First Print -- Joe Marshall

"I See the West Reflected in Your Face"

Joe Marshall of Tucson, delivered the first print back in May, which he made at the Tucson Community Print Shop:


Joe Marshall founded the YayBig Gallery in  downtown Tucson (2012 - 2015).  

That gallery spawned a traveling print show known as YayBig Southwest.  He also sponsored the YayBig Print Exchange.

Joe Marshall is also a member of the Arizona Print Group

One may buy prints by Joe Marshall on his website:

Buy prints from Joe Marshall

Tucson Community Print Shop

Joe Marshall hung his big print at the Cartel Coffee Lab in Tucson, Campbell location, since August, 2015.  He is having a solo print show there.

Joe Marshall solo art show
at the Cartel Coffee Lab
on Campbell St, in Tucson

Video of Joe Marshall's artwork
at Dinnerware Gallery in 2011

Update:  Article on Joe Marshall in the May 2016 issue of Zocalo Magazine:

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