Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Federico Villalba and Krrrl

Federico Villalba (of El Paso) and Krrrl (of Albuquerque) had their prints made at Taller 75 Grados in Mexico City, in the first wave of editions. However, they were something of an afterthought, choosing to have their prints made there after Los Dos made the first 6 prints by El Paso and Juarez artists.

has been critical
Desert Triangle effort

Luis (Tego) holding up a print,
made from a photograph of him

Federico Villalba has organized great photography shows at La Fe, in the Segundo Barrio of El Paso.

Federico has also been invaluable to the Desert Triangle, taking photographs of the prints and events, and also taking on a lion's share of the organizing.


Cardo Negrete
drew a "shadow" figure on a transparnency,
that eventually was screened first
(before the figure to the left)
to make the final figure in the serigraph
stick out more

Krrrl's print has been enhanced with the Augmented El Paso app:

Keep tapping the screen,
to add more "strings"

Krrrl (Karl Whitaker)

Update: July 2017

Both Federico and Krrrl's prints were spotted for sale at La Pena in downtown Austin:

Federico's print was also hanging on the wall during Second Saturday Artwalk (July 8, 2017) in the Lone Star Art District of San Antonio, at the La Printeria 75 Gallery in the Freight Gallery and Studios building:

Federico Villalba's print
on the La Printeria 75 gallery walls

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