Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Mexican Printmaking Studios

The Desert Triangle prints were produced in 14 different studios.  Over a third of the prints (12) were produced in Mexico.

Taller 75 Grados
Mexico City

Arturo Negrete runs the silk screen studio,
 in Mexico City

Taller 75 Grados pulled 10 editions for the Desert Triangle:



October 30, 2015.
They exhibited the prints from the Desert Carpeta

Arturo Negrete
with a special serigraph edition
commemorating the 32nd anniversary

Taller 75 Grados and Proper Printshop (El Paso)
and others
at the Desert Triangle pop-up show in Oaxaca

near Xalapa, Veracruz

La Ceiba Grafica lithography studio
is located in an ex-hacienda
below the coffee growing mountains of Coatepec

Per Anderson,
one of the directors of La Ceiba Grafica,
works on Manuel Guerra's lithograph

in Veracruz,
including mining the marble stones


Adrián Aguirre and Beatriz Rivas
in Oaxaca

Taller de Grafica Libre has a relationship with Espacio Centro, a gallery space in Oaxaca city run by Nidia Rosales Moreno.  Visiting artists print at Taller de Grafica Libre, and then give a talk at Espacio Centro.

Francisco Delgado gave a talk at Espacio Centro.

The mural on the front 

was painted by Desert Triangle artist 

in Espacio Centro

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