Monday, April 25, 2016

Houston -- Bayou

We showed the Desert Triangle in Houston, at the 5th Annual  "It Came from the Bayou" Inkslingers event, on Sunday, April 24th, at St Arnold's Brewery.

Last year I came to the previous "It Came from the Bayou" print fair, and was very impressed.  So I really wanted to come again.

Grey and Cynthia Evans representing El Paso,
at the Desert Triangle table
at the El Paso Museum of Art
earlier in the month)

Cynthia showing off Augmented Reality
on her iPhone

Attendees in the beer hall
amongst the fresh steam roller prints

sponsored the larger event --


In 2014, there was a steamroller printing event in El Paso during Chalk the Block.  Later those prints were shown at a museum in downtown San Antonio.  So Cynthia Evans signed up to do a steamroller print in Houston, and follow that tradition:

Lil' Steamroller

Cynthia Evans from our El Paso team
did a large steamroller print

One of the steam roller prints earlier in the day
(before the rain)


We bought prints at the print fair, to show back in El Paso:

Alley Cat Press -- from the Heart of Texas
Amber Borowski and Aubrey Carroll

Cameron Gray from St Louis

Carlos Barberena from Chicago

Carlos Hernandez of Burning Bones of Houston,
organized the "It Came from the Bayou" print fair

 from Evil Prints

Eric Piper of Oklahoma

Nathan Eclavea of the Dallas area

Rebecca Brooks

Ryan O'Malley of Corpus Christi

Tom Huck of St Louis

Xenia Fed of Beaumont

Also bought prints from Tyler Joseph Krasowski (of Illinois?) and Alana Miller (of the Dallas area), and John Hancock of Beaumont Texas.


Burning Bones Press welcomed all the printmakers to Houston on Friday, April 22nd, and hosted the Weiner Welcome poster show:

Entrance of Burning Bones Press

Weiner Welcome poster show in background

Rebecca Brooks live printing t-shirts

I bought a t-shirt with Rebecca Brooks' design


Thank you very much to Carlos Hernandez, for hosting the Burning Bones Welcome, and organizing the "It Came from the Bayou" print fair.  He had a print show at Flatbed Press in Austin:

Carlos Hernandez's prints exhibited at Flatbed Press in Austin

While in Austin I also visited the Mexic-Arte Museum, which had a great print show up -- Obra Gráfica: Selections from the Mexic-Arte Museum Print Collection.

Only one room of prints
at Mexic-Arte

Houston was great!

We sold 8 prints at the print fair -- 2 from Zeke Peña, Tanya Rich, Rogo, Tim Razo, Mykl Wells, Jesus "Cimi" Alvarado, and a non-carpeta print from Gonazlo Espinosa.

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