Friday, January 27, 2017

Francisco Delgado at Flatbed Press in Austin


Francisco Delgado continues with the desert momentum, by creating another lithograph at Flatbed Press of Austin, Texas, in early January.

Litho proof

Master printer Veronic Ceci
giving the thumbs up to Francisco's print

Litho stone

Luis Jimenez
lithograph print
done at Flatbed Press

Print Austin happens from Jan 15 - Feb 15 in 2017.

Francisco's print was hung in the gallery at Flatbed, in the same space as one of Luis Jimenez's prints:

Flatbed gallery
with prints by both
Francisco Delgado and Luis Jimenez

Also,  Flatbed Press brought Francisco's lithograph to the Baltimore Contemporary Print Fair, April 1st and 2nd, 2017 -- at the Baltimore Museum of Art.


Last August (2016) Francisco Delgado created a lithograph at La Ceiba Grafica, in Veracruz, Mexico. where Manuel Guerra made his Desert Triangle print edition.

The lithograph that Francisco made
at La Ceiba Grafica in Veracruz, Mexico

Francisco Delgado, Per Anderson, and printer

Josie working on the litho stone

Per Anderson working on the print

Marina Monsisvais of KTEP interviewed Francisco Delgado about his lithography printmaking experiences, on the State of the Arts radio program.  Aired on Feb 18th, 2017.


In July of 2015, Francisco Delgado created a linoleum cut edition in Oaxaca, at Taller Grafica Libre, for the Desert Triangle (where Toru Sugita recently created 2 intaglio prints).

While in Oaxaca Francisco also participated in the Grafica Transfronteriza Carpeta:

Francisco also painted the mural on the side of the Sagrado Corazon church in El Paso.  Below is a detail, before the mural was restored, of frequent visitor Pancho Villa eating Chico's Tacos.

UPDATE:  June 22, 2017

Francisco Delgado showed up to the Art Avenue for the Flatbed Press book signing in El Paso, even though he created his masterpiece after the catalog came out. 3 of the artists in the book came to the opening, all with El Paso connections.

Francisco Delgado (left)
and Richard Armendariz (right)
who does have prints in the Flatbed book

UPDATE: July 6, 2017 -- I dropped into Flatbed Press in Austin, and saw 2 of Francisco's lithographs on view in the "New Editions 2016 - 2017" exhibition:

Small print by Francisco,
not yet editioned

Stone for the above print

Update:  Francisco took his high school class from El Paso, on a tour of Flatbed Press, during the last week of April, 2018

Francisco's class,
getting a Flatbed tour,
by director Katherine Brimberry

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