Consejo Grafica -- Erasing the Line

The Consejo Grafica exhibition was behind the wall with the print of the lady playing guitar.  It was part of the larger "Unseen Prints from the Mexic-Arte Museum Collection" exhibition.

From their website:
The Consejo Gráfico is an independent network of print workshops that has formed to advance the legacy and viability of Latino printmaking in the United States.
The Consejo Gráfico promotes the communication and collaboration that enable the preservation and continuity of the critical – activist orientation that spearheaded Latino printmaking. Similarly, it works to foster opportunities for Latino youth to engage in printmaking, and for a larger community to appreciate the importance and value of the Latino printmaking tradition.

"Borrando la Raya -- Erasing the Line"

(Taller Arte del Nueva  Amanecer -- Woodland, near Sacramento)

(Mission Grafica, San Francisco)

(Taller Tupac Amaru -- Dignidad Rebelde - Oakland)

(Taller Tupac Amaru -- Dignidad Rebelde - Oakland)

(Coronado Studios, Austin)

(Mission Grafica, San Francisco)

(Self Help Graphics, Los Angles)

(Yollocalli Arts Reach, Chicago)

(Studio Pepe, New York)

(Coronado Print Studio -- New York)

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