Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Guru Galeria

We showed some of the prints at the Guru Galeria in Mexico City -- November 14th - 30th -- in the Zona Rosa.  They were part of the Taller 75 Grados anniversary exposition.

is on the third floor
 of the Fusion: Casa de Disenadoras building,
37 Londres Street,
in the Zona Rosa

A selection of the Desert Triangle Print Carpeta was shown
with serigraphs from Mexican artists

Three serigraph interpretations of Javier Marin's sculpture,
printed by Taller 75 Grados --
Upper left:  by Alex Arizmendi
Upper right:  by Raul Urias
Lower left: by Skinpop

signing the serigraphs he designed
for the show,
which were given away for free

Alex Arizmendi (far left) next to Arturo Negrete,
Cha! (second from right) is founder of the gallery

Javier Ramírez "Cha! was in two famous Mexican rock bands -- Fobia and Moderatto


at his opening at Galeria Pangea, November 19th.
Raul created one of the above Javier Marin serigraphs,

 Javier Marin had an exhibition 
at the Palacio de Iturbide

Javier Marin had a second exhibition 
at the Antiguo Colegio de San Ildefonso
(where the Mexican muralists painted their first frescoes)

New giant bronze by Javier Marin next to the Zocalo

The 25th Bienal International de Cartel began just before we started showing our Desert Triangle Print Carpeta, showcasing selected posters from throughout the world in the Palacio de Minería:

Meanwhile the Palacio de Bellas Artes had a Russian art exhibition --“Russian avant-gardes: the vertigo of the future” -- showing off some posters with an entirely different aesthetic:

La Ceiba Grafica, a major lithography studio near Xalapa, Vera Cruz, was having a show at el Museo Nacional de Estampa (the National Printmaking Museum) in Mexico City.  Manuel Guerra made his print edition there.

Self portrait in lithography,
by Per Anderson,
one of the co-founders of La Ceiba Grafica

Oaxaca pop-up

We showed the first 28 prints at a pop-up exhibition in Oaxaca -- on Nov 1st, 2015, the Day of the Dead -- at Process Ediciones:

We had a brisk turnout,
with visitors from all over the world

The front of the building --
where we had out pop-up show in Oaxaca,

"la planta baja"

Chuey and Hiram 
hung the prints for us

Our show was upstairs

The crew (left to right):
Seated:  Gosky, Chuey, Fidel, unknown, Wilma, unknown, Federico Villalba
Standing: Mayra Torres, Manuel Tapia, Arturo Negrete, unknown, Alan Hodson, Jonathan “JJ” Childress, Isiah Marines

Ramon and Gosky,
contemplating on the balcony

The beautiful street,
"5 de Mayo,"
as viewed from the building 
where we had our pop-up show

Halloween procession 
in the streets of Oaxaca,
Halloween 2015

Oaxacan band, Halloween, in the streets

Los Dos printmakers
(Ramon and Christian Cardenas)
at the cemetery in Oaxaca
during Day of the Dead

The last supper 
the night before setting up the pop-up gallery
12 plus Federico (who took the photo)


I went to a presentation by Oaxacan printmaker Edith Chavez at the Espacio Centro on Friday, November 6th.  

She was exhibiting the work she did at Taller Libre, where they produced the edition of Francisco Delgado.  Nidia Rosales Moreno runs the Espacio Centro, and is also the subject of Pavel Acevedo's print.

Outside view of Espacio Centro

Update:  Edith Chavez is showing in the "Sus Voices -- Women Printmakers from Mexico" exhibition,  from February 5 – March 26, 2016 at HighPoint Center for Printmaking in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Curated by Maria Cristina Tavera, Sus Voces: Women Printmakers from Mexico features a variety of prints by nine artists living and working in Mexico: Adriana Calatayud Morán, Rossana Cervantes Vasquez, Edith Chávez, Mercedes López Calvo, Diana Morales Galicia, Paulina Olascoaga Chávez, Daniela Ramirez, Jimena Ramos, and América Rodriguez.

Later I bought a the large print of the girl blowing bubbles, from "Kabrito" (Alan Altamirano) of Taller la Chicharra -- they had a booth at the Book Fair.