Monday, January 29, 2018

The Road Goes on Forever...Print Austin

Just as Robert Earl Keen prophesized-- The Road Goes on Forever, and the Party Never Ends...

Our exhibition at Mexic-Arte is part of the bigger PRINT AUSTIN month.  The print shows continue, and we are checking out as many as we can...

January 27

PrintAustin Invitational: Flux  -- straddling traditional and contemporary print approaches

curated the exhibition


San Antonio,

from the Netherlands

from the Netherlands

from the Netherlands

January 28

Panel Discussion: Print Futures-- panel discussion by 5 artists: Dr. Paul Laidler, Lari Gibbons, R. Eric McMaster, Evelyn Contreras, moderated by UT Professor Jason Urban

Introduction to the panel discussion,
by UT Professor Jason Urban

Graduate student Evelyn Contreras
talking about her work

January 30

I went to see 3 print shows on the campus of the University of Texas, all of which opened on the same night as our Desert Triangle exhibition at Mexic-Arte.

Two exhibits were in the Visual Arts Center, in the University of Texas Art Buildling:

Just Press Print -- note, we went to 2 previous lectures regarding this exhibit. One by Dr Paul Laidler, on January 23rd.  And the Print Futures lecture (see above) on January 28th.

laser cut board and pieces

Gold Tape  -- by UT students

Zine Screen


"New Man"
Henry Smith

Blowout XIII: Annual Juried UT Austin Student Print Exhibition

"Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls"
Maria Ramirez


Aaron Yuhas

"Should We Rock the Betsy Johnson
or Stick with the Classic Comme des Garcon"

February 1

I went to see some PRINT AUSTIN exhibits, though I missed the openings:

The exhibition below
was at the Pump Project

Call & Respond: Works By Andrew Blanchard & Jonas Criscoe

The galleries below were at Canopy Austin:

Kowboyz And Monsters  -- prints by Carlos Hernandez and the Amazing Hancock Brothers

This print by the Amazing Hancock Brothers
has an affinity with the work of the late

I ran into Carlos Hernandez (right)
Seen here with Elvia Perrin,
the co-founder of PRINT AUSTIN

PRINT AUSTIN Trade Portfolio  -- print exchange

Previously I bought a print from 
and then had the pleasure of meeting her in San Antonio

Solar  -- at the Art Science Gallery

cyanotype, rice paper, cloth, foil stamp, letterpress

Julie Covington
intaglio-KM plate


A few of the art spaces were being crunched by rising rents, a familiar story.

Revi Meicler  -- at Wally Workman Gallery

We were pleased and surprised to find a print by Kathryn Polk in the Wally Workman gallery.  She apparently judged a PRINT AUSTIN 2015 show.

Group Show: Curated By Amanda McInerney  -- at ASPCO, Artist Screen Printing Cooperative

Charles Hancock and Karolina,
she was hosting the reception

Artist and curator Richard Littlefield,
saw our Desert Triangle show in Patzcuaro

Charles Hancock (of the Amazing Hancock Brothers)
stand in front of their collaboration print

Collaboration by 
Charles Hancock and Louise Bova

February 5

Women Printmakers Of Austin Member Show

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