Saturday, April 29, 2017

Albuquerque Spring

The momentum after the Desert Triangle Print Carpeta, contributed to the print fever that hit Albuquerque in the Spring of 2017.  Below is a summary:

Read the whole review
by Wesley Pulkka,
May 7, 2017

of the "Prints by Southwest" exhibition

We are showing 83 prints at the "Prints by Southwest" exhibition, April 20 - June 2nd, at the South Broadway Cultural Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

View the gallery in 360 degrees
(view point changes every 30 seconds)

The night after the big opening, April 21st, we showed 19 more prints at Karsten Creightney's studio  in downtown Albuquerque, for the "Off Broadway Pop-up Print Show."

Oaxaca style opening with mezcal,


Pavel Acevedo, of the Desert Triangle, conducted a color relief print workshop at Remarque/New Grounds Print Workshop in Albuquerque, the weekend after the print openings, April 22 - 23.


The Albuquerque Museum put together a great print show -- "The Carved Line" -- with works from New Mexican relief artists, from both historical and contemporary printmakers.  From January 14th - April 16th, 2017.  Catalog available.

"Artist in Studio"
was carved by Japanese woodblock printers

"Governor's Palace"

"Reclining Nude"

at UNM

The University of New Mexico sponsored the "Print//Make Symposium" on Friday, April 28th:


Dr Suzanne Schadl brought out several portfolios from Mexican artists for display, in the Waters Room, in the Center for Southwest Research, at the Zimmerman Library of the University of New Mexico.

The Carpetas (print portfolios):

Note: much of the print collection can be found online at the University of New Mexico Digital collections.

Prints from the "Por La Madre Tierra" portfolio,
just one of the Mexican portfolios 
brought out for temporary display

Visitors enjoy the various Mexican print portfolios
displayed on tables 
in the Waters Room

was one of the portfolios on display

Dr Suzanne Schadl also took us to the vaults below
to show us more Latin American prints

Vault Archive
below the Zimmerman Library
at the University of New Mexico


After the Latin American collections tour, we went to the OutPost Performance Space to see the exhibition of the "Print//Make::UNM Printmakers Exchange Portfolio."

Sneak preview of the UNM student print exchange

PARTICIPATING ARTISTS:  Gabriel Aro, Richard Barnes, Noel Begay, Katelyn Bladel, Diana Cervantes, Kate Coucke, Jose Delgado, Emma Difani, Jamie Durham, Margaret FarrellJessie Furr, Jeremiah Heller, Chaney Howe, Kyle King, Cedar KirwinJessica Marie Gross, Liz MelnyczukHollis Moore, Amanda Morris, Mitchell Olson, Marcos Polac, Abigail Preston, Babak Shasiah, Ben Shoenberg, Kacie Erin Smith, Isaac Trujillo, Kelly Watson

(Eugene) Chaney Howe
reductive linocut

"Muumuu Yingyang"
pochoir monotype and serigraphy

Katelyn Bladel
"Rogers, NM"


Meghan Ferguson gave us a tour of Tamarind Institute, the Mecca of lithography, which was streamed live on Facebook.

We also went downstairs 
to visit the working studios of Tamarind

Grinding the litho stones is an art.
as they have to be perfectly flat

Antique offset machine,
is still used occasionally a Tamarind


The evening of April 28th, the graduate students gave a printmaking demo in the basement of the Art Annex building at the University of New Mexico:

Graduate student print demo

Last November 2016 (technically not spring), we had a  print show at Ace Barbershop in downtown Albuquerque -- "Mextapoz" -- showing serigraph masterpieces produced by Taller 75 Grados of Mexico City:

Remarque/New Grounds Print Workshop showed the YayBig Print Exchange during their first opening with the new owners in February/March 2017:

A visitor points to his preference

We previously showed the YayBig Print Exchange at Tathagata Coffee in Santa Fe, from October to November, 2016.

508 ARTS

James Black (of the 111 Media Collective) is boosting prints by teaching a silk screening class at Warehouse 508 Arts in Albuquerque.

New Impressions: 
Experiments in Contemporary Native American Printmaking
at the MoCNA

The MoCNA (Museum of Contemporary Native Arts) in downtown Santa Fe, has a printmaking exhibition -- "New Impressions: Experiments in Contemporary Native American Printmaking" -- from January 20 - June 15th 2017:


The Argos Studio/Gallery in Santa Fe, had their annual incredible historical print show -- "The Art of the Print Cycle" -- from December 2nd 2016 - Jan 6th, 2017.  These selections from the collection of Dr Robert Bell, included masterpieces from Duer, Rembrandt, Goya, Hogarth, Dore, Kathe Kolwitz, Max Klinger, Otto Dix, Gustave Baumann, Eli Levin, and many more.  Article in Pasatiempo.

One year ago, April 2016, was also a very active month, as we were showing prints from Portland to Houston, in addition to our big opening in El Paso.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Relief + Color Weekend Workshop by Pavel Acevedo

The workshop was conducted at
in Albuquerque

Pavel contributed a print to the Oaxaca Collective (Carpeta Nacional de Estampa en Mexico), which was organized by printmaker Irving Herrera (which has been a big inspiration for the Desert Triangle Print Carpeta):

Pavel Acevedo
showing and discussing

Later that week, the Oaxaca Collective Carpeta was featured at UNM (University of New Mexico), during one of the events of the Print//Make Symposium. 


A year earlier, Pavel was printing in El Paso, and gave a talk:

Prints by Workshop Participants


Because most people want color, Pavel Acevedo devised a way to add color to relief prints using a monoprint method.

"Transfer Print" -- The first print will be used to later transfer the image onto an acrylic plate.  Mostly we made this print on cheap newsprint, since this print is temporary.

onto a small square area on  a glass slab,
until it has the right sticky sizzle/cackle sound,
before applying to the linoleum surface

Getting a temporary "transfer" print from the linoleum sheet

Later, Pavel found it easier to use a 
Print Frog glass barren 
(order from Dallas), 
burnishing by hand,
to make the "transfer" print onto newsprint paper

Pavel lays a thin piece of acrylic
on top of the fresh (not dried) "transfer" print,
and rolls that through the press

Pavel holds up
the thin acrylic sheet
after he transferred the image to it
with the press

Applying baby powder (talc) to the acrylic plate,
to dry the ink.
Rub in lightly with one's hands.

Pushing off the excess baby powder 
lightly with a cloth
(note the image is still on the acrylic plate)

Adding Color --  Pavel used Akua intaglio inks to roll colors onto the acrylic (monoprint) plate.  Cleans up with water or alcohol.  Oil inks work as well.

Used the Akua intaglio ink,
scooping it out of the jar with a spatula

Applying color ink with a small roller on the acrylic sheet
(the inked image is dried with baby powder,
and shows through while inking)

Finished acrylic plate
with just rolled red ink
(over "dried" talcum powdered image)
Going over the black image is ok,
since the overlapped red won't show in the final print

Monoprint First -- On good paper, Pavel laid an acrylic sheet the size of the paper (9 x 12 in), and then ran them both through the press, to transfer the image onto the acrylic plate.  Note again, he did not transfer the image directly from an inked lino block  to the acrylic sheet.

Printing the colored acrylic plate
on paper

Key Color Second -- Pavel places and registers the red monoprint over the linoleum block, inked with the black key color, and runs both through the press to create the final print.

The registration template,
is always a mystery to me

Pavel will flip the colored print,
and place it over the inked linoleum sheet,
and run it through the press

Viola!  A finished 2 color relief print masterpiece!

Two variations of colored prints,
next to the linoleum sheet

Satisfying color relief print!

More Fun!

UPDATE (August, 2017):

Kristin Thacter's print was spotted in the "Limited Edition" print show at the New Mexico Art League in Albuquerque (July 18 - August 19, 2017).  Review of the print show in the Albuquerque Journal:

Kristin Thacher
"Steller's Blue"

Julianna Kirwin finished her print and showed it during her Open Studio in Albuquerque, August 12 and 13, 2017.

"Garcia Lorca"