Post-Tri prints

As a stretch goal, it would be nice to get 30 more prints, before the El Paso Museum of Art show closes on the 22nd of May, 2016.

1) Jason Lucero

printed and signed by 
October, 2015 --
Made by Taller 75 Grados in Mexico City,
with Proper Printshop El Paso looking on

2)  Gonzalo Espinosa

does another silkscreen --
started by Proper Printshop in El Paso,
finished by the Gloo Factory in Tucson

3) Marcus Robiason

Igloo Martin
working on his next relief print

Connor Furr and Igloo
with a new baby (press)

4) Maceo Montoya

Maceo Montoya did a "long distance" serigraph edition with us, at Proper Printshop in El Paso.  He lives in Sacramento, is an assistant professor in the Chicana/o Studies Department at UC Davis, and is the director of TANA (which showed our YayBig and Horned Toad print exchanges)

5) Edwin Stewart

Thank you Ediwn!

"Sir" Edwin Stewart signs the prints he made at Art en Vivo, live silk screening affair at Proper Printsop in El Paso, on Feb 25th, 2016.

I'd like to include all the Art en Vivo prints made until May 22nd. as part of the 30 prints made during our show at the El Paso Museum of Art.

Proper Printshop in El Paso will make editions of 25 serigraph prints, up to 5 colors, on Coventry Rag paper cut down to 16 x 20 inches, for a reasonable price.  16 x 20 inches is much easier to handle, and can be stored in drop front archival boxes, and fit in Krystal Seal sleeves.  16 x 20 inches is also a large enough size to make an impression.

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