Monday, May 22, 2017

Puebla en Mayo

Puebla is una Maravilla!

Thank you very much, Carolina Picazo and Jordan Lucero,
for putting on this exhibition!

A luchador points to his favorite print

Most of the prints from the Desert Triangle Print Carpeta, and many from Taller 75 Grados of Mexico City, came together for a great exhibition at the Galeria Integrarte in Puebla, Mexico.  The opening was during the evening of May 13th, 2017.  The featured Mexican artist Jose Quintero, whose work we greatly admire, brought his latest serigraph edition for sale.

Artist Jose Quintero,

The freshly minted serigraphs for sale

The exhibition is at Galeria Integrate,
 and goes on for 2 weeks --


Jose Quintero drawing on Nava's white jacket

A big thanks to the Puebla printmakers who came out to our exhibition (L to R) --

A short talk

Christian Cardenas 
(part of Los Dos, which contributed to the Desert Triangle)
interviewed by Televisa Azteca in front of her print

Interviewed by journalists from Sintesis

Interview with Sintesis,

Manuel Tapia and Angelica Lopez
admiring a print

Arturo Negrete (in yellow)
consulting with vistor

Fidel and Manuel Tapia
stand in front of Jose Quintero's large print

(far left is Jordan Lucero,
who with Carolina Picazo,
put on the exhibition)

Relaxing at MUSA near the Zocalo,
before heading out to the opening  --

Galeria Integrarte

and some from Mexico City

at Museo Amparo and elsewhere


We can't help but post some of the fabulous street murals we saw passing through Mexico City on the way to Puebla: