Saturday, July 30, 2016

Catalog drop -- CCA in Santa Fe

I gave a catalog to the Center for Contemporary Arts in Santa Fe, and they said they would put it on their library shelf.

They had a lot of unusual interesting art books in their lounge library; hard to find art books, which I enjoyed looking at.

 Catalogs are a great way to expand the show.  I'd like to see coffee houses with a shelf of self-published art books, in addition to a few libraries in art museums.  And I believe that every artist, and all good exhibitions, should self-publish a catalog these days.

Robert Williams
giving a gallery tour of his work at CCA,
September 24th

  • I also left a catalog at Open Studio print shop in Toronto

Monday, July 25, 2016

Next Stop, Chicago

The Desert Triangle Print Carpeta will be showing in August at Hoofprint Workshop in Chicago --   2433 S Oakley Ave.

The opening will be on Friday, August 5th, 7 - 11 pm.

is located in an old funeral home

Celebrate with us at our Summer Print Showcase
Friday, August 5th, from 7-11pm
2433 South Oakely Ave, Chicago, IL 60608
We’ll be showing two awesome portfolios, “SIGHTINGS,” and “DESERT TRIANGLE,” as well as a number of new pieces and works-in-progress made here at the shop in the past six months. Plus, enjoy homemade Guacamole atop a Chicago-style dog courtesy of Vienna Beef, and delicious brews by Metropolitan.

Note:  They will also be showing a lithograph made there by Zeke Peña, who is also in the Desert Triangle.

Hoofprint Workshop 
whom we met at the big 
SGCI print conference in Portland

Photo of Liz Born and Gabe Hoare
 in the New Art City article

Hoofprint is located at 2433 S Oakley Ave,
near the National Museum of Mexican Art

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

New Grounds Etching class

Krrrl is taking the etching class in Albuquerque by Regina Held, at New Grounds Print Workshop (July 19 - 22).  Regina Held also runs the Matrix Gallery, in the front, where our exhibition runs through July (and now extended through August).

Regina Held lectures
about the intaglio etching process

New Grounds Print Workshop is the first completely non-toxic fine print workshop in the world. Moreover, they have written the manual of non-toxic printmaking -- following the non-toxic printmaking method pioneered by Keith Howard (inventor) and Mark Zaffron (commercializer).

The Key
The non-toxic "ground" is made from
blue tinted Pledge floor wax  --
while a solution of soda ash (10% by volume to water)
takes the ground off 
after the plate is etched

Etched in Ferric Chloride
in vertical tank
(plates are hung 
on long piece of tape,
dipped face to acid,
and taped onto side of tank,
before closing lid)

After ground is taking off, 
the copper plate needs to be sponged off  twice to:
1)  deoxidize -- with vinegar and salt
2)  degrease -- Bon Ami 

They print with Akua intaglo ink
(we used carbon black),
after soaking the paper

Kim and John,
the other students in the workshop,
doing the grueling task of filing 
the edges of their copper etching plates

Pile of prints!
from Takach Press

For detailed description of the class, and the non-toxic process of etching, see Krrrl's blog:

1) Basic line etching and aquatint
 2)  Soft Ground; soft ground variation -- crayon manner; spitbite; lift ground;  crisco lift; selective wiping; chine colle; curating

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Weekly Alibi -- Albuquerque

An article about the Desert Triangle exhibition in Albuquerque came out in the local free newspaper, the Weekly Alibi (Volume 25, Issue 28, July 14-20 2016):

Or right click above image,
"Open link in new tab,"
and then click the "+" magnify with mouse

Article on page 12

works with the image
printed in the Weekly Alibi --
(note:  "Pokémon Go" just came out;
it is the trendy autmented reality game)

The Alibi and THE magazine
at Napoli Coffee in Albuquerque

Monday, July 11, 2016

Art en Vivo -- PechaKucha

The print momentum continues in El Paso!!!

Johnathan Childress discusses "Art en Vivo"  at Proper Printshop in El Paso  -- in this Pecha Kucha talk.  They are doing live printing every Thursday, making new serigraph prints every week. He brings up the Desert Triangle Print Carpeta, and the 5 prints Proper Printshop did for us.

Thank you Johnathan Childress!

well worth seeing!  

Krrrl did a Pecha Kucha in El Paso in 2008.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Matrix Fine Art Gallery opening in Albuquerque

We are showing in Albuquerque at the Matrix Gallery during the month of July, in front of New Grounds Print Workshop.

Our opening on Saturday, July 2nd, from 4 - 6 PM:

Update-- our exhibition has been extended through August

on Central in Albuquerque

Eric in quandary

Nani Chacon of Albuquerque
below her print

Henry Morales of Albuquerque
next to his print

Francisco Delgado of El Paso
next to his print

Print interns
hung the show and helped with the opening

Dennis Liberty inspects a print

Sculptress Alison Aragon (seated)

Artist John Paul Gutierrez
with a bronze made from his drawing

Artist Lou D'Amico

Art lover bought Tim Razo's print

Artist Bryan Waldrip in the background

Keif of the Guild Cinema 
came to the opening

There was a second opening in the same complex -- Water – A Group Exhibition of Mosaic Artists:

Back print studio
at New Grounds Print Workshop

Art disagreement afterwards --

We sold 3 prints at the opening -- one each by Tim Razo, Francisco Delgado, and Federico Villalba.

Virgil enjoyed the "augmented reality"
much later, towards the end of the exhibition

I've been checking out the art in Santa Fe:

I love the Axle Contemporary, which is a mobile gallery that parks in different places in Santa Fe.  This would be a great venue for showing prints (Axle inspired the "Planet Rabbit" van in Tucson, and we copied the idea at our "homecoming" print show):

I checked out the "Art Santa Fe" art fair in the convention center:

Painting demo during the Art Santa Fe art fair

Mike Giant signing artwork 
at his opening in Albuquerque,
on July 10th

Adric introduced me to "augmented reality" originally.
Here he is viewing Krrrl's serigraph with the
Then he hung the serigraph in the QueLab hackerspace

The goal of the Desert Triangle is not that different from the mission of  "We Are This City" group in Albuquerque.