Wednesday, May 18, 2016

What's for Dessert?

We are showing 30 new prints that essentially were made since our show went up at the El Paso Museum of Art last January.  The "Dessert Triangle" opened the night of Thursday, May 19th -- 6 - 9 PM -- at Proper Printshop in El Paso (800 Montana Avenue).  It stayed up for two weeks, coming down on June 3rd.

Also we are showing the prints that we bought in Houston last month, at the "It Came from the Bayou" print fair at Saint. Arnolds' Brewery.

Our pop-up show was side busting on Mitsu Overstreet's live printing during, during "Art in Vivo."

a Mitsu Ovestreet print

Mitsu Overstreet
showing off his serigraph
which was done at this live printing event

Alan Hodson
pulling one of Mitsu's prints
at the "Art en Vivo" event

JJ sampling the "dessert"

The goal of the "Dessert Triangle" was to collect 30 prints that have been done since our exhibit went up at the El Paso Museum of Art last January.   The printmakers did not have to be the same artists that participated in the Desert Triangle Print Carpeta, nor did the prints have to be editions.  We just wanted to encourage and boost printmaking.  Hopefully our effort was just a beginning, and the best prints are yet to come.

I collected the following 28 prints from 28 artists, and hung them for the Dessert Triangle pop-up show on May 19th.

In addition to the above artists, we are co-opting the 16 prints done by Proper Printshop from the Art en Vivo events on Thursday nights since February 4th :

28 + 16 = 44 prints, stretching our goal by 14 prints!

Prints by (upper left to right):  
(lower left to right):  
Emmit Merrill, Ryan O'Malley, Nathan Eclavea, Xenia Fed, Rebecca Brooks

There is a great YouTube video online, of Omar Gonzales printing a bigger version of his "Diamondback Cowboy" print (big enough for steam roller printing) using an Iron Frog glass print baren.

Prints by
(upper left corner):  Gonzalo Espinosa
(lower left corner, right to left):  John Hancock, Julia Curran

Prints by (upper left to right):
(lower left to right):

Prints by (top to bottom):
Tom Huck, Amber Kaiser, Glenn Buack

Prints by (top to bottom):
Elizabeth Vargas, Alana Miller

Prints by (top to bottom):
Joshua Woodhall, Martin Quintanilla, Cameron Gray

2 prints by Pavel Acevedo

Prints by (top to bottom):
Jacob Lane

Prints by (top to bottom):

Prints by (top to bottom):

Large print by Connor Furr (pictured with buyer);
also a collaboration between Connor Furr and Emanuel Arnautovic
in the upper right hand corner

Marco Sanchez came with his print
so I am including it as one of our post-Triangle prints

14 of the 16 "Art en Vivo" prints

standing next to Gaspar Enriquez, his former teacher --
between them is a print that Cimi did of Gaspar

Jacob Lane next to his print (bottom)

Pablo Medina next to his print (bottom)

Cynthia Evans next to her print (bottom)

Alexis Ruiz next to her print (top)

Printmaker Diane Vera came to the show

Yorch in his studio,in Ciudad Juarez
with the print in the show

Elizabeth Vargas with her print,
in front of her Tucson studio

Glenn Buack pulling his print
in a Tucson studio

came to see the Desert Triangle exhibition 
but left before the Dessert Triangle show  --
he also has a piece in the Tucson Museum of Art
and the Nocturne Tradition" exhibition

We were on KVIA TV, Saturday morning, May 20th (though our video segment doesn't seem to be archived in the video online).

Sunday, May 15, 2016


Desert Triangle artists surface in new shows while the exhibit is still up at the El Paso Museum of Art.

Jellyfish and Los Dos participated in the JRZ jazz festival in Ciudad Juarez.  Pavel Acevedo participated in 2 shows in Los Angeles.  Joe Marshall was featured in a two page spread in the May 2016 issue of Zocalo Magazine.  Krrrl's print collaboration with Skinpop of Mexico City was printed by Taller 75 Grados.   Zeke Pena participated in an exhibition at the National Hispanic Cultural Center in Albuquerque.  Tanya Rich showed her print at  the Art Undressed exhibition at The Drawing Studio in Tucson.  Francisco Delgado and Jesus "Cimi" Alvarado supported Gaspar Enriquez with paintings for a auction to support scholarships. This is just what I know about, since I am certain that other Desert Triangle artists are making an impact in other exhibitions this month.  And Cynthia Evans did another print demo at the El Paso Museum of Art's Spark Saturday.

Pavel Acevedo
Self Help Graphics

Pavel Acevedo showed a print
at Self Help Graphics in East LA
for the 43 Ayotzinapa exhibition,
opening May 12th

Pavel Acevedo and Marietta Bernstorff of SPARC LA
(Marietta introduced us to the Oaxaquen printmakers
which was inspiring enough to help launch
the Desert Triangle project)

Pavel's print

made in the workshop of the famous Oaxaquen artist Francisco Toledo  --
the opening night included talks by artists, organizers,
activists and members of the Black Panthers

Directors of Self Help Graphics in Los Angeles
introduce other artists

Legacy Self Help artists 
pose for a group picture during the opening

gave out printed sheets
showing the support of various US cities
with Ayotzinapa

I also met the artists Ricardo Estrada, Rosalie Lopez and Jane Madson McCabe at the opening.

 Mural in the parking lot of Self Help Graphics

The Self-Help opening corresponded with the 2nd Thursdays Artwalk in downtown LA.

A young artist paints on the streets of downtown LA
in anticipation of the Artwalk later than evening

I also visited Gemini G.E.L. printmaking studios in Los Angeles, which did prints for Ralph Rauschenberg and many other famous artists:

--  Avenue 50 Studio  --

Pavel Acevedo also filled one of the rooms of Avenue 50 Studio, for their exhibition, opening on the night of May 14th.

Gallery director Kathy Gallegos
poses with Pavel
during the opening at Avenue 50 Studio

The two small prints on the end
were produced recently 

Pavel standing in front of his print
for the Desert Triangle

I also met the printmaker Matt Thomason at the opening.

with Mat Gleason 

(he talks about the Desert Carpeta at 9:48)

of the University of California at Riverside

For flavor:
in downtown LA

I also checked out the new Broad museum of contemporary art while in downtown LA.

"Under the Table"
at the Broad museum

Joe Marshall

 Joe Marshall had a two page spread in the May 2016 issue of the  Zocalo magazine of Tucson:

May 2016 issue of the Zocalo magazine of Tucson


Krrrl commissioned Skinpop of Mexico City, to interpret one of his drawings.  This was then recently made into a serigraph at Taller 75 Grados of Mexico City.

of Krrrl and Skinpop

Zeke Peña

Zeke Peña participated in the House on Mango Street exhibition at the Hispanic National Cultural Center in Albuquerque, opening on April 29th.

at the National Hispanic Cultural Center

Tanya Rich

Tanya Rich submitted her print to the "Art Undressed" exhibition at The Drawing Studio in Tucson, running April 16th - May 7th.

Francisco Delgado

Jesus "Cimi" Alvarado

Francisco Delgado and Jesus "Cimi" Alvarado were once students of artist Gaspar Enriquez -- the Segundo Barrio Person of the Year 2016.  They were 2 of 6 ex-students, who were asked to do a painting for auction, to raise money for a Gaspar Enriquez scholarship.

Francisco Degaldo is also in the Grafica Transfronteriza carpeta, showing in Oaxaca during June.

Gonzalo Espinosa 

Gonzalo Espinosa finished a big tile ceramics project,for El Centro de la Raza in Seattle.

Gonzalo relaxes (finally) inside of one of his huge ceramic arches,
which he created for Seattle,
at the Sculpture Resource Center in Tucson

Mykl Wells

Mykl Wells is gearing up to go back to Cartasia, Italy, this summer to do another big cardboard art sculpture, like he did last year.  

Los Dos

Los Dos interview in the ReMezcla website.  They also did an Art en Vivo print at Proper Printshop in El Paso on June 30th:


Yorch  (Jorge Perez) finished his bus sculpture in Juarez, with buses buried into the ground.

Rudy Flores

Rudy Flores 3D scanned and 3D printed several Tucson characters -- the Army Man Project -- as an art project, which was covered by Arizona Public Media of NPR.

Michael Contreras

Michael Contreras had another print show at the Contreras Gallery in Tucson, in July:

Spark Saturday at the El Paso Museum of Art

Meanwhile, back in El Paso, Cynthia Evans and Alexis Ruiz gave a second Spark Saturday print demonstration at the El Paso Museum of Art, on May 14th.  Cynthia came out with us to Houston last month, to do a steam roller print:

Alexis Ruiz

Also many of the Desert Triangle artists participated in the YayBig Print Exchange.  That print exchange is now showing near Yuma, Arizona.