Friday, January 27, 2017

Postre Prints coming to the Purple Gallery in El Paso


POSTRE PRINTS exhibition -- Feb 23 to Mar 24, 2017.  At the Purple Gallery on San Jacinto Plaza in downtown El Paso. -- 227 North Mesa Street.

Opening during the Last Thursday Artwalk -- Feb 23rd, from 6:30 - 9 PM.
Music by gr3ng1n3.  Food by Eduardo Bouche.
Cynthia Evans doing print demo at FabLab El Paso.

Gallery hours after the opening --
Wednesdays 1-6, Thursdays 7:30-10:30 pm and Fridays 1-6

List of Prints in the Exhibition

The Purple Gallery
is on San Jacinto Plaza in downtown El Paso
227 North Mesa Street

Purple Gallery has a Facebook page:

Download to your phone!

at the new
601 N. Oregon Street, El Paso, TX, 79901

FABLAB El Paso -- open from   7 - 11 PM!!!


FabLab El Paso will be having a soft opening that same night -- February 23rd -- during the Last Thursdays! Artwalk. -- at the new Roderick ArtSpace building,601 N. Oregon Street. They have TiltBrush over there.

FabLab El Paso going until 11 PM, for the after party!  Live print demo by Cynthia Evans.

Proper Printshop will be having an Art en Vivo event next door -- doing live printing for artist Christian Castaneda of Mexico City -- 7 - 9 PM.  This is for their soft opening at the Roderick Artspace, 601 N Oregon St.

The Postre Prints exhibition
is part of the 
in El Paso

KTEP interviews by Marina Monsisvais. Jan 7th with Erica Marin about the Purple Gallery in El Paso, mentions the upcoming Postre Prints exhibition. Feb 18th with Francisco Delgado also mentions the Postre Prints exhibition.

Jan 7th

Feb 18th

Fusion magazine #96 has an article about our "Postre Prints" exhibition (pages 26 and 27):


Prints for Dessert

Postmodern, post “Desert Triangle,” postre. It’s time for dessert, one year after the Desert Triangle Print Carpeta exhibition at the El Paso Museum of Art ( We are proud to showcase some of the best prints produced recently from our region – at the Purple Gallery downtown, opening on Third Thursday, February 23rd. 
In the last year, the passion for printmaking has only grown in El Paso. Proper Printshop produced 52 serigraphs during their "Art en Vivo" events in 2016. Zeke Peña created two lithographs at Hoofprint Workshop in Chicago. Marco Sánchez went to Taller Gráfica Libre in Oaxaca to create an edition. Francisco Delgado traveled to Veracruz, to create a couple of lithography prints at La Ceiba Gráfica (and travels to Flatbed Press in Austin to create another edition at the beginning of 2017). Cristin Apodaca created reciprocal prints with Pavel Acevedo. Something artistically significant is happening in El Paso. 
Also featured are prints from Tucson artists, such as Marcus Robiason, who came to Chalk the Block in 2014 to create a large steamroller print. Gonzalo Espinosa commissioned Proper Printshop to create his "A Veces Me Siento como un Perro" serigraph. Martin Quintanilla celebrates "El Hippie" with a relief print cut in Mexican shoe rubber. Joe Marshall created a beautiful reduction woodblock print of an old truck. 
Albuquerque represents the 3rd point of the Desert Triangle, with prints by Henry Morales, Karsten Creightney, Krrrl, and one from a well-known Santa Fe artist, Eli Levin. 
We are also featuring a few printmakers from outside our time zone – such as San Antonio master Juan de Dios Mora; Omar Gonzalez from Kingsville, Texas; Malaquias Montoya of Davis, California; Michael Roman of San Francisco, who has printed artistic t-shirts for Carlos Santana; and Humberto Valdez, a phenom printing in Mexico City. 
The aim is to keep fueling the momentum for printmaking in our dry Mountain Time region – El Paso, Albuquerque and Tucson – the Desert Triangle.

Most of these prints will then travel to Albuquerque, and be shown again at the South Broadway Cultural Center (April 20 - June 2) – because prints travel easily, and good prints need to be shown in far away places.

Print Is Not Dead!
–Karl Whitaker 
Purple Gallery, 227 N. Mesa St. El Paso, Texas
February 23 from 6:30 - 9pm
Show runs from Feb 23 - March 24, 2017

Banner for the Postre Prints show


El Paso


Albuquerque/Santa Fe



Heart of Texas

Saint Louis


Yorch (Jorge Perez) of Juarez is making a print, especially for sale at this exhibition.

"Sobre el Puente -- Over the Bridge"
Serigraph by Yorch

Aaron at Proper Printshop
pulls Yorch's print

Our portable Conrad E-9 small etching press arrived, and we hope to show it, and even break it in during this exhibition.

Other important exhibitions:

RUBIN CENTER (El Paso, UTEP campus )  -- Tangential Intimacies
Honey Guide artists from El Paso and Juarez (Cynthia Evans is in this show)
Jan 19 - April 22, 2017  

Jan 19 - April 16, 2017

"Artist in Studio" 1975
made in Japan,
hung at the Albuquerque Art Museum

INSTITUTE OF AMERICAN INDIAN ARTS (Santa Fe) -- New Impressions: Experiments in Contemporary Native American Printmaking
Jan 20 - June 15, 2017

REMARQUE PRINT WORKSHOP (Albuquerque) -- YayBig Print Exchange and New Work Member's Show
Feb 3rd - March 25th

Jan 15 - Feb 15

At PrintExpo 2017 of Print Austin,
Representing El Paso!
JJ and Alan from Proper Printshop 

TALLER EN VIDA -- (San Antonio)
Taller 75 Grados is starting up a Taller en Vida at La Printeria in San Antonio, beginning Feb 4th
(like Art en Vivo)

"Taller en Vivo"
San Antonio
La Printeria and Taller 75 Grados
Feb 4th

Feb 2 - 19

DAVIDSON GALLERIES (Seattle) -- showing prints by Toru Sugita, who was recently the artist-in-residence at Taller Grafica Libre in Oaxaca
Jan 5 - Feb 11

516 ARTS (Albuquerque) -- "Paper Visions" exhibition by printmaker Karsten Creightney
Feb 4 -- April 1

in Albuquerque

Jan 28 - April 16

Jan 21 - June 4

UNIVERSITY OF NEW MEXICO ART MUSEUM  (Albuquerque)  --"A Painter's Hand - The Monotypes of Adolph Gottlieb"
Feb 3 -- May 13, 2017

at the University of New Mexico

HONEYGUIDE GALLERY -- (El Paso)  Prints and art of Marco Sanchez
Feb - March, 2017

at Joe Vinny and Bronson's Bohemian Cafe
in El Paso

List of prints


Also there is an interesting exhibit at the Rubin Center Gallery at UTEP, about all the smaller art spaces in the El Paso-Juarez-Las Cruces area:

6)  Toperweb

12) Glasbox

Some of our print projects in El Paso are reflected on the walls, in 3 venues of this exhibition (May 2017):

Francisco Delgado at Flatbed Press in Austin


Francisco Delgado continues with the desert momentum, by creating another lithograph at Flatbed Press of Austin, Texas, in early January.

Litho proof

Master printer Veronic Ceci
giving the thumbs up to Francisco's print

Litho stone

Luis Jimenez
lithograph print
done at Flatbed Press

Print Austin happens from Jan 15 - Feb 15 in 2017.

Francisco's print was hung in the gallery at Flatbed, in the same space as one of Luis Jimenez's prints:

Flatbed gallery
with prints by both
Francisco Delgado and Luis Jimenez

Also,  Flatbed Press brought Francisco's lithograph to the Baltimore Contemporary Print Fair, April 1st and 2nd, 2017 -- at the Baltimore Museum of Art.


Last August (2016) Francisco Delgado created a lithograph at La Ceiba Grafica, in Veracruz, Mexico. where Manuel Guerra made his Desert Triangle print edition.

The lithograph that Francisco made
at La Ceiba Grafica in Veracruz, Mexico

Francisco Delgado, Per Anderson, and printer

Josie working on the litho stone

Per Anderson working on the print

Marina Monsisvais of KTEP interviewed Francisco Delgado about his lithography printmaking experiences, on the State of the Arts radio program.  Aired on Feb 18th, 2017.


In July of 2015, Francisco Delgado created a linoleum cut edition in Oaxaca, at Taller Grafica Libre, for the Desert Triangle (where Toru Sugita recently created 2 intaglio prints).

While in Oaxaca Francisco also participated in the Grafica Transfronteriza Carpeta:

Francisco also painted the mural on the side of the Sagrado Corazon church in El Paso.  Below is a detail, before the mural was restored, of frequent visitor Pancho Villa eating Chico's Tacos.

UPDATE:  June 22, 2017

Francisco Delgado showed up to the Art Avenue for the Flatbed Press book signing in El Paso, even though he created his masterpiece after the catalog came out. 3 of the artists in the book came to the opening, all with El Paso connections.

Francisco Delgado (left)
and Richard Armendariz (right)
who does have prints in the Flatbed book

UPDATE: July 6, 2017 -- I dropped into Flatbed Press in Austin, and saw 2 of Francisco's lithographs on view in the "New Editions 2016 - 2017" exhibition:

Small print by Francisco,
not yet editioned

Stone for the above print

Update:  Francisco took his high school class from El Paso, on a tour of Flatbed Press, during the last week of April, 2018

Francisco's class,
getting a Flatbed tour,
by director Katherine Brimberry