Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Bayou -- Main Event -- Houston

Printmakers descended on Houston from all over the country for the print fair -- "It Came from the Bayou!" -- on April 22nd, 2018!  At the Saint Arnold's Brewing Company.  This is always a great event!



We brought a lot of prints back to the Southwest from Houston.  THIS LINK showcases all the prints purchased.


John Hancock
the most fun printmakers on the planet

Joshua Kolbow
from the University of North Dakota

Associate director of Flatbed Press

Professsor at Texas A&M, Corpus Christi

New York

Saint Louis

University of Louisiana Lafayette


Samantha R Mendoza

New York

Saint Louis

Wesley Kramer

selling Risograph prints by Sarah Welch


Tom Huck

Good turnout in Houston

We attended this event  twice before -- in 2015 and 2106:

We also invited a lot of these printmakers to participate in the "Ambos Lados International Print Exchange," which is open to all.  Delivery deadline November 2nd, 2018. (sign up deadline September 1st).

Also there was buzz about creating Texas Printmaking Biennial, for regional printmakers.

Stopped by Flatbed Press in Austin on Tuesday (April 24th), to once again admire this huge soft ground print by the late Robert Levers:

Outlaws of Print -- at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art -- many of the printmakers in Houston were also showing in Indiana (April 21-July 8, 2018):

Friday, April 20, 2018

It Came from the Bayou 2018

Krrrl is venturing out to Houston again, for the"Wiener Welcome" (April 21st) and "It Came from the Bayou" print fair (April 22nd), to see what the Central Time Texas printmakers are up to.

The main event takes place on Sunday (April 22nd) at the Saint Arnold Brewery -- 2000 Lyons Ave, in Houston.

-- On Instagam too! --


Wiener Welcome and Poster Show
Saturday, April 21st

The day before the "It Came from the Bayou" Print Fair in Houston, there was a "Wiener Welcome Poster Show" at Burning Bones Press.  28 artists from all over the country contributed prints, including Krrrl.  This is a great event, as the printmakers bring a lot of energy with them.

@burningbonespress Instagram

Krrrl's bad print is the middle red one

Some of the Printmakers
with their Prints

Carlos Hernandez
@electriccalavera on Instagram

Tess Doyle

Selene Bataille
@selene.bataille Instagram

Kendall Bradley

Emmett Merrill

Jackson Kissel
@darktideprints Instagram
St Louis

Casey McGarr
@inkylipspress Instagram

Carlos Pozo
@cavemanarchitect Instagram

Martin Mazorra
@cannonballpress Instagram

Joshua Kolbow
Green Rabbit Press
from the University of North Dakota

Austin God --
from the first psychedelic band
13th Floor Elevators!

Master Printmaker Tom Huck
receives the catalog for the Horned Toad Print Exchange II
as we are trying to get him and his crew
to participate in Horned Toad III/Ambos Lados

One of the Burning Bone's presses

Print legacy

Gathering of the Printmakers
(where's Manny Guerra?)

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Ambos Lados International Print Exchange


The Ambos Lados International Print Exchange has now put out a call to printmakers!


This print exchange is sponsored by studios on both sides of the US/Mexico border:

El Paso



ELIGIBILITY: Open to all printmaking artists worldwide.

DEADLINES: Deadline to register: Saturday, September 1, 2018
Print editions must be received by: Saturday, November 2, 2018   Deadline extended to December 15, 2018.


UPDATED (October 2018):

Prints sent by UPS, FedEx or DHL  (or even by regular US postal mail) can be sent to the following address:

Horned Toad Prints
Attn: Manuel Guerra
3800 N Mesa Ste A-2  
El Paso, TX. 79902

Prints sent by the United States Post Service can also be sent to:

Horned Toad Prints
PO Box 9506
El Paso, Tx

No longer to this address:

Horned Toad Prints
Attn: Manuel Guerra
7732 Tuscarora Ave.
El Paso Tx.

PRINTMAKING MEDIA: Any traditional printmaking technique: Relief, Lithography, Intaglio, Serigraphy, Letterpress, or a combination of any of these. No digital, please.

PRINT DIMENSIONS: Paper size strictly 8” x 8” (20.3cm x 20.3cm) no larger or smaller. Printed area can be any size that fits within these dimensions.

EDITION SIZE: Each participant must submit twelve prints (12) all numbered, titled, signed, and dated. Please include preferred contact information on the back of each print for networking. Each artist will receive via mail ten (10) prints in exchange and two (2) prints will be kept for the 2018-2019 Ambos Lados International Print Exchange exhibitions.

THE BELOW PERTAINS TO THOSE OUTSIDE OF MEXICO (printmakers working with Taller Grafica Libre i Mexico will work with their rules):

PARTICIPATION FEE: $35 U.S. dollars (this fee covers international shipping, exhibition materials, and promotion). We currently accept PayPal and/or Money Orders (made out to Manuel Guerra 7732 Tuscarora Ave. El Paso Tx. 79912). No personal checks accepted.


Print and fill out this form (PDF) and email it to us at gumanuel@utep.edu. Once your form is received, we will send you a PayPal invoice to the email specified in your submission form. Unpaid submissions will NOT be eligible for participation. Refunds will NOT be issued.

PLEASE NOTE: All work should be packaged appropriately with glassine/interleafing paper in between each print. Prints must be shipped in a reusable package for return purposes with legible return address; this is important for confirmation of receipt, exhibition information, and return mailing.

Horned Toad Prints is not responsible for loss or damage of prints due to improper packaging or mail carrier mismanagement. We strongly suggest insuring your package; however, it is at the discretion and cost of each participant to do so.

Also note: the prints will be scanned and posted online...a catalog may also be made of the prints.  Please include a website to be noted if we make a catalog.