Wednesday, May 18, 2016

What's for Dessert?

We are showing 30 new prints that essentially were made since our show went up at the El Paso Museum of Art last January.  The "Dessert Triangle" opened the night of Thursday, May 19th -- 6 - 9 PM -- at Proper Printshop in El Paso (800 Montana Avenue).  It stayed up for two weeks, coming down on June 3rd.

Also we are showing the prints that we bought in Houston last month, at the "It Came from the Bayou" print fair at Saint. Arnolds' Brewery.

Our pop-up show was side busting on Mitsu Overstreet's live printing during, during "Art in Vivo."

a Mitsu Ovestreet print

Mitsu Overstreet
showing off his serigraph
which was done at this live printing event

Alan Hodson
pulling one of Mitsu's prints
at the "Art en Vivo" event

JJ sampling the "dessert"

The goal of the "Dessert Triangle" was to collect 30 prints that have been done since our exhibit went up at the El Paso Museum of Art last January.   The printmakers did not have to be the same artists that participated in the Desert Triangle Print Carpeta, nor did the prints have to be editions.  We just wanted to encourage and boost printmaking.  Hopefully our effort was just a beginning, and the best prints are yet to come.

I collected the following 28 prints from 28 artists, and hung them for the Dessert Triangle pop-up show on May 19th.

In addition to the above artists, we are co-opting the 16 prints done by Proper Printshop from the Art en Vivo events on Thursday nights since February 4th :

28 + 16 = 44 prints, stretching our goal by 14 prints!

Prints by (upper left to right):  
(lower left to right):  
Emmit Merrill, Ryan O'Malley, Nathan Eclavea, Xenia Fed, Rebecca Brooks

There is a great YouTube video online, of Omar Gonzales printing a bigger version of his "Diamondback Cowboy" print (big enough for steam roller printing) using an Iron Frog glass print baren.

Prints by
(upper left corner):  Gonzalo Espinosa
(lower left corner, right to left):  John Hancock, Julia Curran

Prints by (upper left to right):
(lower left to right):

Prints by (top to bottom):
Tom Huck, Amber Kaiser, Glenn Buack

Prints by (top to bottom):
Elizabeth Vargas, Alana Miller

Prints by (top to bottom):
Joshua Woodhall, Martin Quintanilla, Cameron Gray

2 prints by Pavel Acevedo

Prints by (top to bottom):
Jacob Lane

Prints by (top to bottom):

Prints by (top to bottom):

Large print by Connor Furr (pictured with buyer);
also a collaboration between Connor Furr and Emanuel Arnautovic
in the upper right hand corner

Marco Sanchez came with his print
so I am including it as one of our post-Triangle prints

14 of the 16 "Art en Vivo" prints

standing next to Gaspar Enriquez, his former teacher --
between them is a print that Cimi did of Gaspar

Jacob Lane next to his print (bottom)

Pablo Medina next to his print (bottom)

Cynthia Evans next to her print (bottom)

Alexis Ruiz next to her print (top)

Printmaker Diane Vera came to the show

Yorch in his studio,in Ciudad Juarez
with the print in the show

Elizabeth Vargas with her print,
in front of her Tucson studio

Glenn Buack pulling his print
in a Tucson studio

came to see the Desert Triangle exhibition 
but left before the Dessert Triangle show  --
he also has a piece in the Tucson Museum of Art
and the Nocturne Tradition" exhibition

We were on KVIA TV, Saturday morning, May 20th (though our video segment doesn't seem to be archived in the video online).

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