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Chalk the Block 2016

Many of the Desert Triangle Carpeta artists (and friends) are painting murals at the Chalk the Block arts festival in downtown El Paso (October 14 - 16).  The murals were curated by Desert Triangle artists Los Dos -- Ramon and Christian Cardenas.

In fact, we conceived of the Desert Triangle Print Carpeta at the 2014 Chalk the Block festival, after a discussion with Los Dos.

(of Albuquerque)

From Facebook

(of Ciudad Juarez)

From Facebook

Christin Apodaca has a great mural
in downtown El Paso (200 S Santa Fe St)

(of El Paso)

From Facebook

Ramon and Christian Cardenas of Los Dos,
were also the curators 
for Chalk the Block

(of El Paso)

From Facebook

Tim Razo painted a mural


Tino Ortega was one of the invited 
sidewalk chalk artists

Ben Fyffe of MCAD
awards Tino Ortega First Place

at an Art en Vivo event June 16th,
at Proper Printhshop in El Paso

Other chalk artists:

paint a mural outside of the Purple Pop-up Gallery,
where she is the curator

was selling prints
in his booth at Chalk the Block

Chalk the Block has been essential for the Desert Triangle Print Carpeta.  Krrrl bought prints from Main-tain Creative Coalition at Chalk the Block in 2012; and then returned from Tucson to show prints in 2013, as the YayBig Southwest Print Collection.  In 2014 he showed the YayBig Print Exchange at Chalk the Block, with the Horned Toad Print Exchange from El Paso.

2013 Chalk the Block

2014 Chalk the Block

MEANWHILE, in other events:

October 13th (Thursday before Chalk the Block), Adrian Lopez was the guest artist of the Art en Vivo event at Proper Printshop in El Paso:

Borderland Jam happened the previous weekend (October 7 - 9) in El Paso.  Street artists painted murals on warehouses on Cotton Street, between 3rd and 5th.

This area in El Paso is also known at "the Barnyard."  See end of this post for the graffiti murals done in 2014.

Also, Lincoln Park in El Paso (underneath the bridges of I-10 freeway) has a lot of Chicano murals, many by Gabriel Gaytan.

started as a photo taken 
in front of a mural at Lincoln Park

In 2015, artists painted many murals across the border in Ciudad Juarez -- for the Colorwalk.

Los Dos of El Paso
painted a mural in Ciudad Juarez
(as well at painting/curating at
Chalk the Block -- see top of post)

Jellyfish Colectivo of Ciudad Juarez,
painted many murals in an abandoned building
for the Colorwalk
(as well as painting a mural
for Chalk the Block -- see top of post)

Malakkai from Spain,
painted a mural in Ciudad Juarez

Los Calavera
mural in Ciudad Juarez

Werc from El Paso
painted a mural in Ciudad Juarez

New mural in Ciudad Juarez now,
though done long after the Colorwalk mural project

(emphasizing those on 7th Avenue)

In the summer of 2016, the Tucson Arts Brigade produced 9 new murals in the downtown Tucson area.  

at 6th Street and 7th Ave

at 7th St and 7th Ave, 
on the railroad tracks
(on the back of Borderlands Brewery)

at Toole Ave and 7th Ave
(Solar Culture complex)

There was a forum discussion of the project on October 26th, at the Center for Photography on the University of Arizona campus.

Michael Schwartz discussed the big mural project,
which he helped direct in Tucson,
at a University of Arizona lecture hall,

In 2012, Eric Firestone brought in a bunch of artists to paint murals on the mothballed airplanes at the Boneyard in Tucson.

Meanwhile, in a city not that far away, Kehinde Wiley showed up for the big First Friday reception at the Phoenix Museum of Art on October 7th.  

Kehinde Wiley the artist,
dressed in a colorful suit and pointing
at a child leaning back on his twin brother

Robert Williams had his art opening in Santa Fe on September 23rd (there was a UTEP bus outside the opening).   He is also the founder of Juxtapoz Magazine.

Robert Williams (native of Albuqquerque)
gives a gallery tour on Sept 24th,

University of Arizona

Professor Alfred Quiroz's show -- Presidential Series -- opened up on October 22, 2016, at the University of Arizona in Tucson.

Professor Alfred Quiroz
next to his painting of George Washington

This has been a strong art fall in the Southwest.

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