3D Printed Printing Press

During our opening of the Horned Toad II Print Exchange at the Southwest Print Fiesta on October 5, 2018, we showed off the 3D printed printing press.  We  downloaded the files from Thingiverse:  the DIY Printmaking Prees - Open Press Project.

The 3D printed printing press 
was born at QueLab hackerspace in Albuquerque,
when it was printed by Joshua

3D printing in progress

We made a relief print 
on the 3D printed printing press
from an impression in a Styrofoam plate
(made with the Horned Toad chop)

Prints, newsprint, and the Styrofoam plate
with the 3D printed printing press
mounted on a board

Manny showing off the press
to Bryce McCloud, guest printmaker for the Southwest Print Fiesta,
and Kyle Durrie, owner of Power and Light Press


When we got to Silver City, we found that Gabe Farley had 3D printed brayers, to roll ink on the prints. They were the perfect size for our 3D printed printing press.  So we had to find a way to make them work, to complete the poetry.

Yellow 3D printed brayer,
with the 3D printed printing press

At QueLab hackerspace back in Albuquerque, Joshua suggested using electrical heat shrink to wrap around the 3D printed brayer, to make the brayer roll smooth.  Smooth would pick up and apply ink better.

3D printed brayers --
one without, and the other with,

Loosely wrapping the heat shrink tubing
around the brayer

Heat Shrinking

We have not tried out the brayers yet.


Blossom Merz, owner of Wildland Press in Madrid, NM, also brought his 3D printed printing press, and showed that off in his tent the day after our opening, during the big print vendor fair.  His press was gray.

Blossom inking,

He printed business cards,
which were made from a
3D printed plate, with raised letters

One day I would like to electro-etch a small copper plate, using a cell phone charger, and print with the 3D printed printing press.

The whole 3D printed printing press
fit in the pink box (from Office Depot),
which doubled as a container to soak paper

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