Puebla Printmakers

Fernando Lucero Garcia is a great printmaker.  His son Jordan Lucero, put on the print show at Galeria Integrarte in Puebla, featuring prints from the Desert Triangle Print Carpeta.

Many of the young Puebla printmakers below, were students of Bulmaro Escobar at the Instituto de Artes Visuales del Estado de Puebla.

A couple of weeks earllier, we saw Robert Rodriguez's print at the University of New Mexico, displayed as the top print of the Oaxaca Collective Carpeta.

maestro and founder of
(standing under Jose Quintero's print)

Elmer Sosa pointing up to his print

Braulio Melendez and Irvin Aguilar,
2 of the 3 who run the print studio

is a studio run by women --
Adriana Lopez Ruiz, Roxana Lopez Corona,
Goretti Troncoso Cordouvier

holding up his exquisite poster for his next print show

selling prints at the art market in Puebla

Eduardo Marquez

Eduardo Marquez
also selling in the art market in Puebla

Gustavo Mora is from Puebla, though he currently lives in San Francisco.  We met him last year at SGCI in Portland.

This time we did not make it to TEBAC, a big printmaking studio in Tlaxacala.


Sonia Romero and Julio Carrasco,
specializes in Waterless Lithography (Siligrafica),
which they learned from Maestro Alejandro Pérez Cruz,
of the ex-Academia de San Carlos

in front of the press,

At the Escuela de Cultura Popular Martires del 68, Grabiel showed Krrrl a few carpetas, most of hich Krrrl had just seen a couple of weeks earlier at the University of New Mexico:

made at 
Escuela de Cultura Popular Martires del 68

We did not make it to Utopia Grafica in Colonia Roma Sur.

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