Seedboat Gallery

We showed the Horned Toad II Print Exchange in Silver City during the 3rd Annual Southwest Print Fiesta.

Moments before the opening,
5 - 8 PM, Friday, October 5, 2018

Good mezcal always goes well with print exhibitions.  We are following the tradition of Oaxaca!

400 Rabbits mezcal,
in a "Power and Light Press" printed bag

No Longer People Pleasers


Beto por Tejas

visited our exhibition


We picked up the prints the week before, from Yuma, Arizona, where they were previously shown.

Picking up the prints in Yuma,
from print professor Jules Floss

Manny coming prepared from El Paso
with 800 Rabbits worth of good mezcal

Unloading 4 boxes of prints
in front of the Seedboat Gallery in Silver City

Hanging the Horned Toad II

Natalie Good hanging the 
"Power of Print 2018" show

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