Thursday, July 30, 2015

Taller 75 Grados

In July we made 7 serigraph editions in succession at Taller 75 Grados in Mexico City.

To see larger images, and read about the printmakers, go to:

Many are for sale at the BigCartel shop

The first 7 prints,
Yorch and Jellyfish (Juarez);
Krrrl (Albuquerque);
Los Dos, Tim Razo, Zeke Peña (El Paso),
and Jesus "Cimi" Alvarez (middle, El Paso)

Yorch of Rezizte Colectivo (from Juarez)
helped connect us to Taller 75 Grados of Mexico City --

Ramon Cardenas of El Paso wanted to get his El Paso group printed at 75 Grados.  Krrrl later joined Ramon and his wife Christian (Los Dos) in Mexico City:

Ramon and Christian Cardenas,
Arturo Negrete and Krrrl

Arturo Negrete runs Taller 75 Grados --
And Dignidad Rebelde attended one of his 
open studio events -- Taller en Vida--
in 2013

Ramon Cardenas wrote about the whole experience on the Maintain blog:

Update -- Maintain blog added an entry on the print signings, of the editions done at 75 Grados:

Ramon and Christian watch
Bull and Julio print

Wilma prepares the prints for packaging

Patricio helps Bull and Julio
pull a squeegee

"Plata" cleans a squeegee

Cardo makes an extra drawing,
for Krrrl's sikscreen

Krrrl's print in progress

Christian and Julio
pack 7 editions in a box
for shipping

Wheeling the box to the DHL agent

Ramon relaxes after the prints are finished,
and gets a tattoo from Cardo Negrete

We asked Taller 75 Grados to make another print for us, from one of Federico Villalba's photographs:

Federico Villalba's silkscreen masterpiece

Soon after finishing our prints,
Arturo Negrete went to Xalapa 
to give a silkscreening workshop

Great collaborative mural
in front of Taller 75 Grados studio,
with Saner, Cardo Negrete, and Liqen

Liqen also painted great mural close by,
(Toy Museum)

"Flaco" cleaning screens

We were quite impressed with the fine art prints that Taller 75 Grados pulled for us.  

Moreover, they will be exhibiting the whole carpeta on 29 and 30 of October; and then drive it south to exhibit it at their Oaxaca studio -- Process Ediciones -- on November 1st and 2nd, during the Day of the Dead.

Thank you very much Arturo Negrete and crew!

Printed at 

While in Mexico City
we were estatic to view the exhibition 
of the work of master printmaker Leopoldo Mendez
at the Estanquillo Museo

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