Thursday, March 31, 2016

SGCI Print Conference

We are showing our prints as part of the big SGCI print conference in Portland.

Many people came by to see our prints
(March 30, 2016) from 6 - 10 pm

The printmakers from Hoofprint from Chicago
were two of many printmakers 
who visited our pop-up show

Matthew Letzelter (from PNCA) 
and Eleanor Erskine (from PSU) 
are both printmaking professors in Portland.
Thank you to Eleanor Erskine for lending
us the space.

Toru Sugita (left)
printmaker from San Francisco.
We have exhibited Toru with the 

Downstairs Michael McGovern
was giving a print demonstration

Of the many other print shows, we probably identify most with the one organized by Rogelio Gutierrez -- Ni de Aquí Ni de Allá/ Neither Here Nor There

Fernando de Leon

We enjoyed meeting Brian Lane
he curated the theme portfolio 
shown at PSU

Kyle Huntress
"What Would Freud Say"
from the "Dreamscapes" porfolio

Print Zero Studios is sponsoring another print exchange -- 7 x 10 inch prints, edition of 15 -- deadline July 31st, 2016.

Print Zero Studios has self-published catalogs of their past print exchanges on Lulu, like we did for our print exchanges.

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