Sunday, April 3, 2016

SGCI Open Portfolio and events

We showed selected prints from the Desert Triangle
in the 4th Open Portfolio session

Previous SGCI Portland entries:

Open Portfolio
was a print mosh pit!

Manuel Guerra showed his prints,
and a few from the Desert Triangle,
at the second Open Portfolio session

Manuel makes a sale!

of Tucson,
were showing at Open Portfolio

Toru Sugita at Open Portfolio. 
He is a printmaker from San Francisco.
We have exhibited his prints in 

Printmaker from the University of Wyoming,
at Open Portfolio,
who was also at the print conference 

Tom Huck with Manuel Guerra

Gustavo Mora, printmaker from Puebla,
with Manuel Guerra

Young printmaker Andrew from TANA in Open Portfolio

looking at our augmented reality

The SGCI Portland print exchange

The SGCI Portland print exchange

We took a field trip to Gamblin Artists Colors
paint factory

During the Gamblin demonstration
they were making a batch of black printing ink
on a three roller mill

Seeing Mr Gamblin again 
was one of my personal highlights of the whole conference.
He accepted our print catalog

Tanya enjoyed the open house
the community print shop in Portland

We bought several prints from 
from Flight 64

We bought a couple of prints
(but not this great one)
from Roger Peet at Flight 64
who is associated with Just Seeds print collective

We also bought prints from other Flight 64 artists:

(Note:  We are already framing and planning to show many of the Flight 64 prints alongside the Desert Triangle, in Tucson)

We saw one of Tom Huck's huge prints
at a print exhibition
in a different gallery, removed from downtown

Detail of Tom Huck's print

Rogo gets a little love

I loved scrolling through Instagram
(through a third party viewer)
to relive all the prints we saw in Portland,
and discover the ones we missed

(originally from Juarez)
speaking at the conference

from ASU
speaking at the conference
on his themed portfolio exhibition

We gave out almost 100 Desert Triangle Print Carpeta catalogs, to printmakers from all over the country, and even to a few on different continents.  

We also met Brian Lane, from Print Zero Studios in Seattle. He had a themed exhibition at SGCI --Dreamscapes: The Ebb and Flow of Time and Possibility.  However, we discovered (and bought) the catalogs of his  Print Zero print exchanges on Lulu, long ago; after we self-published a catalog of our print exchanges on Lulu.

We also met Ricardo X. Serment of Instituto Grafica de Chicago.

Lastly, we had a great time at SGCI Portland.  The conference exceeded my expectations, and the printmakers humbled us with a huge variety of fine prints.  Moreover, a kind of euphoria prevailed, as everyone was so pleasant and enthusiastic.  I would definitely recommend this conference to any printmaker thinking about going to the next conference.  Well done Portland!

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  1. So much great stuff! Great job of documenting these events.