Sunday, July 3, 2016

New prints at the Contreras Gallery in Tucson

The Contreras Gallery in Tucson is showing prints again in July!  This gallery showed our Desert Triangle last February.  3 printmakers in the exhibition are also in the Desert Triangle -- Michael Contreras, Martin Quintanilla, and Joe Marshall -- and they were also in the YayBig Print Exchange.

The opening was Saturday, July 2nd (the same day as our Desert Triangle exhibition in Albuquerque):

Joe Marshall and his daughter
(Joe ran the former YayBig Gallery)

(and who is running print meet ups in Tucson this summer)

Print by Marcus Robiason

(who also participated in the YayBig Print Exchange)

Prints by Gavin Hugh Troy

Prints by Adam Gilliland

(we showed this print at the

Print by Bryan Crow

Print by Christine Dawdy

Print by Jo Andersen

Print by David Andres

Print by Robert Conine

Print by Julia Andres

Prints by Norma Galindo

Printmaking is alive and well in Tucson, and we look forward to more print shows and activities!

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