Sunday, July 3, 2016

Matrix Fine Art Gallery opening in Albuquerque

We are showing in Albuquerque at the Matrix Gallery during the month of July, in front of New Grounds Print Workshop.

Our opening on Saturday, July 2nd, from 4 - 6 PM:

Update-- our exhibition has been extended through August

on Central in Albuquerque

Eric in quandary

Nani Chacon of Albuquerque
below her print

Henry Morales of Albuquerque
next to his print

Francisco Delgado of El Paso
next to his print

Print interns
hung the show and helped with the opening

Dennis Liberty inspects a print

Sculptress Alison Aragon (seated)

Artist John Paul Gutierrez
with a bronze made from his drawing

Artist Lou D'Amico

Art lover bought Tim Razo's print

Artist Bryan Waldrip in the background

Keif of the Guild Cinema 
came to the opening

There was a second opening in the same complex -- Water – A Group Exhibition of Mosaic Artists:

Back print studio
at New Grounds Print Workshop

Art disagreement afterwards --

We sold 3 prints at the opening -- one each by Tim Razo, Francisco Delgado, and Federico Villalba.

Virgil enjoyed the "augmented reality"
much later, towards the end of the exhibition

I've been checking out the art in Santa Fe:

I love the Axle Contemporary, which is a mobile gallery that parks in different places in Santa Fe.  This would be a great venue for showing prints (Axle inspired the "Planet Rabbit" van in Tucson, and we copied the idea at our "homecoming" print show):

I checked out the "Art Santa Fe" art fair in the convention center:

Painting demo during the Art Santa Fe art fair

Mike Giant signing artwork 
at his opening in Albuquerque,
on July 10th

Adric introduced me to "augmented reality" originally.
Here he is viewing Krrrl's serigraph with the
Then he hung the serigraph in the QueLab hackerspace

The goal of the Desert Triangle is not that different from the mission of  "We Are This City" group in Albuquerque.

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