Monday, August 29, 2016

Print Zero print exchange

Some of the Desert Triangle artists, and friends,  participated in the Print Zero Print Exchange #9,  2016 of Seattle:

of El Paso

of Tucson

of Albuquerque


of Tucson --
Selected for the catalog by Print Zero
(also shown in El Paso and Albuquerque

of El Paso

of El Paso


Samuel A Garcia
of El Paso --
Selected for the catalog by Print Zero
(also shown in El Paso and Albuquerque


Selected for the catalog by Print Zero
(also shown in El Paso and Albuquerque

Manuel Guerra and crew got really busy at Horned Toad Press in El Paso, to crank out prints for the Print Zero Print Exchange #9:

Also submitted to the Print Zero Print Exchange:

In the past, the Print Zero Print Exchange has self-published a catalog on Lulu of juried prints:

Print Zero Print Exchange #7

Print Zero Print Exchange #8

 Our YayBig Print Exchange also self-published a catalog on Lulu.

UPDATE:  The call just went out for the Horned Toad Print Exchange II

UPDATE:  Print Zero sorts out the prints by Halloween, 2016. 

 They had 111 participants from the United States, Canada, Ireland, France, England, Ukraine, Australia, New Zealand,Taiwan, Thailand, and Germany.

"The complete print exchange will be shown at the Inscape Arts Building in Seattle in November and December (exact dates to be confirmed) Opening is 1 - 6pm on Saturday November 19th. 815 Seattle Blvd South, Seattle WA 98134"

UPDATE:  First Print Zero Print Exchange show November 19th, 2016.

Then SATURDAY Nov. 19th, 1 - 6pm at Inscape Arts Bldg 
Print Zero Print Exchange #9 Show Opening : 111 participants! 
- Print Zero / Inscape Arts Open Studios Event: Come see the studio!

Plus, the selection has come out, and 3 of our guys made the cut:

"This year's juror, Jeremy Cody, has selected 26 prints for the traveling show and catalog. Congrats to the following who were selected:"

Maria Doering
John Bergmeier  
Jenn Rodriguez  
Samantha Tran  
* Samuel Garcia  
Clarissa Plank  
Carrie Lingscheit  
Diane Davis    
* Connor Furr    
Lisa Turner  
Bill Hall  
Hernann Rommel  
* Raul Monarrez  

David Mohalatee
Amy Foltz
Hyun-Jin Kim
Becky Birinyi
Michael Devito
Wuon Gean Ho
Kathy Liao
Marina Montes
McKinley Smith
Marijke Keyser
Larissa MacFarlane
Praween Paingchoompoo
Kim Van Someren / Claire Cowie

A video of all the prints is on Facebook:

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