Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Horned Toad Prints Rises Again

Organized by Manuel Guerra, the second El Paso print exchange --  Horned Toad Print Exchange II 2017-- is now finished, and being framed at Sarnoffs for upcoming exhibitions (old call for printmakers).

The first Horned Toad Print Exchange lead to the big Desert Triangle Print Carpeta project.  It inspired the YayBig Print Exchange from Tucson (organized by Joe Marshall).  Then both print exchanges were framed and exhibited together at Chalk the Block 2014 in El Paso.   

Answering the momentum from both prints exchanges, the Desert Triangle Print Carpeta was conceived at Chalk the Block, in October 2014.

Every printmaker sent in an edition of ten prints, 8 x 10 inches, to Horned Toad Prints in El Paso.  Later they received a package of 8 different prints, from the other printmakers.  Participants did not receive all the prints, as 53 printmakers total participated.

6 printmakers from Oaxaca participated

The excitement of receiving one's packet of prints
from the Horned Toad Print Exchange


53 printmakers, from 3 continents, participated:

Printmakers from 5 countries participated






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