Friday, October 20, 2017

More Contemporary Mexican Printmakers

Artemio Rodriguez comes to El Paso, and Sergio Sanchez Santamaria comes to Santa Fe.

UPDATE: Artemio has a Kickstarter up until March 10, 2018, to fund a trip of the Graficomovil to it's final destination, Pátzcuaro.


Artemio Rodriguez brought his print mobile -- Graficomovil -- to El Paso on October 20 - 21, 2017.

The print mobile 
in front of Hoppy Monk
Friday night in El Paso

Artemio Rodriguez
famous Mexican printmaker

Many of the Desert Triangle artists came out to admire the print mobile:

Zeke Peña
(coming to Working Classroom in ABQ)

UPDATE (Nov 6, 2017):

Taller 75 Grados in Mexico City, did a serigraph art print of Artemio's Graficomovil:


Sergio Sanchez Santamaria had an opening for his exhibit at the New Mexico History Museum in Santa Fe, on October 21st, 2017-- 1 - 4 pm.

Sergio Sanchez Santamaria
on the cover of the Pasatiempo magazine

Sergio was the master printer at Taller Grafica Popular in Mexico City for 17 years.

Sergio Sanchez Santiago
showing off one of his powerful prints

We bought this print by Sergio Santamari,
which was produced in Santa Fe
in the Palace of the Governors
(the oldest building in the US)

We also bought his book

Previously (Oct 15) Sergio Santamaria was at Margolis and Moss for an open house in Santa Fe.

There is also a "Taller de Grafica Popular" Mexican print exhibit in the same building, the New Mexico Museum of History in Santa Fe -- Oct 6, 2017 -  Feb 18, 2018.

(Print by Andrea Gomez)

Mexican Print exhibit --
curated by Jean Moss and Tom Leech

One can visit the Palace Print Shop with the admission for the New Mexico Museum of History.  Inside there is a reconstruction of the studio of Gustave Baumann.

Reconstruction of the Gustave Baumann's print studio

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