Saturday, October 7, 2017

El Paso Museum of Art -- Chalk The Block

We collected a lot of great Mexican prints while creating the Desert Triangle Print Carpeta, and wanted to show those too.

Over 800 people saw our Contemporary Mexican Print pop-up show the first evening at the El Paso Museum of Art (Oct 7), when Chalk the Block opened with a jazz band -- Gabriel Balderas Quartet  -- on the first floor of the museum.

The print by Carlos Flores Rom,
and the small one above it, by Oscar Navarro Serrano,
greet visitors at the very entrance of the El Paso Museum of Art

greeted visitors as they walked into the back gallery

 the main attraction Friday night,
entrances the audience

Major Mexican print collector
enjoys Shinzaburo Takeda's work

A Charro shows up
to make the event authentic

During the second evening (Oct 7) more than 1100 visitors saw our exhibition during the DJ set of Atomic Wax -- Sir Brandon Short.

We also showed the Oaxaca Carpeta
to visitors on Saturday afternoon,
October 7th


Monica Garcia (l),
 Membership Manager of the El Paso Museum of Art,
and co-curator Erica Marin (r)
of this Contemporary Mexican Print pop-up

 Janette Nevarez
the Visitor Services Representative
of the El Paso Museum of Art


wins first prize
for her chalk drawing on a car 

The  "Life Cube Project" by Scott Cohen
comes to El Paso from New York,
where visitors paint murals on a large cube

El Paso artist "Grave" paints on the Life Cube

They teamed up to paint an El Paso Sun Transit bus,
which got tagged overnight during the event

showed off their augmented realities in a tent
such as this one working from Tanya Rich's Desert Triangle print

by Curime Batliner and Jake Newsum of Los Angeles

Squonk Opera from Pittsburgh

crosses over from Mexico DF by any means possible,
to dazzle El Paso on stage

Past Chalk the Blocks

While we showed prints at previous Chalk the Blocks, we enjoyed all kinds of other different artistic expressions.






Also not too far away, close to the Mexican border, the Borderland Jam went on during the same weekend.  Graffiti artists from El Paso, Albuquerque, Colorado, LA, and who knows from where else, came to spray paint the walls of the

Back in Albuquerque recently, they also painted the town, during the 508 Mural Fest (September 12 - 23).

Meanwhile in Las Cruces, Jellyfish and Laura Turon are showing in the art gallery at New Mexico State University:

Coming up
: Austin!

The Desert Triangle Print Carpeta will be showing at Mexic-Arte in Austin starting January 26.

The Desert Triangle Print Carpeta is also featured as part of Print Austin.

Print Austin has an open call for print submissions for their show -- The Contemporary Print -- due by November 1st.

Print Austin is also sponsoring a print exchange  -- 2018 Trade Portfolio -- requesting an edition of 12 x 12 inch prints, sign up by December 15th.

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