Friday, April 6, 2018

Taller La Catrina -- Monterrey, Mexico

The Horned Toad Print Exchange II is showing in Monterrey, Mexico, at Taller La Catrina -- on Thursday, April 12th, 2018 at 8 PM.  We will give a little talk before the inauguration, at 7:30 PM.

The 3rd largest metropolitan area in Mexico

runs Taller La Catrina in Monterrey

Taller La Catrina is in the center of Monterrey, Mexico -- in the Barrio de la Luz.

The studio/gallery is located in downtown Monterrey -- at MM del Llano 1008 -- in the Barrio de la Luz.

Taller La Catrina is located at

Taller La Catrina is close to Plaza la Luz:

Hanging the show

We used strong magnets to hang the prints
(from Home Depot in the USA)
and double sided tape --
first we taped a magnet to the wall,
then hung the print with a second magnet

The hanging team --
Ricky, Charley, Angelica, Pato

Afterwards we relaxed with some other artists

Beti Rivas' parents
brought fine mezcal to the opening
(Beti from Zaachila, Oaxaca, 
sent the prints up to Monterrey)

Nothing like fine artisanal mezcal
for a print opening!!!

We had a good showing for the opening

Refreshments and more mezcal

showing off the print we bought

Monterrey Murals

Monterrey at sunset

I left my brain
in Monterrey

New Mexico Prints

In addition to the print exchange, we are bringing a few intaglio prints from New Mexico to show at the opening:

Prints from the Santa Fe Etching Club (established 1981):

Leslie Harris

And one intaglio print from Remarque Print Workshop and Gallery, in Albuquerque:

Monterrey Prints

We brought back some prints from Monterrey artists  (see them all at this link):

Previously this Horned Toad Print Exchange II was shown in Oaxaca (October, 2017) and in El Paso (March, 2018).

To continue this international print momentum, Horned Toad Prints of El Paso, and Taller Grafica Libre of Oaxaca, will co-sponsor a new print exchange -- "Ambos Lado International Print Exchange."


Also on April 12th, Espacio Centro in Oaxaca had an opening celebrating their 3 years in existence.

And Pain Sugar Gallery in Riverside, California, had an opening for Mazatl and Killjoy.  The Desert Triangle will be shown there next, opening June 7th.

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