El Paso Museum of Art 2019

The Mexican Consulate set up altars and a Day of the Dead event at the El Paso Museum of Art.

Altar featuring the Mexican great artist Francisco Toledo

Remembering Toledo flying kites
with the 43 deceased students images


Desert Triangle prints from both Francisco Delgado and Manuel Guerra were hanging when they reopened the El Paso Museum of Art in September.  They are part of the "El Paso Museum of Art : 60 Years of Collecting" exhibition, September 27, 2019 -- April 12, 2020.  The irony is that Manuel Guerra's print was rejected from the Las Cruces Museum of Art exhibition, of the Desert Triangle prints, going on at the same time (November 1, 2019 -- January 4, 2020).


Luis Jimenez sculpture in the lobby
of the El Paso Museum of Art


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