Friday, November 11, 2016

Just the Tip -- El Paso in Austin

We are taking the Desert Triangle prints from El Paso and Juarez to Austin, for the "Just the Tip" (of the iceberg) "pop-up/happening" on Saturday, November 19th -- 7 - 11PM, during the East Austin Studio Tour.

organizer of the event,
with the t-shirt Proper Printshop made
from his flyer image

Selena signature stencil
by our host

was wall to wall people
for about three hours

Our prints hung on the far wall

More prints on the adjacent wall

Altar to recently deceased
Mexican singer from Juarez

mostly from their Art en Vivo series

Painting from Mambo 
(aka David Flores), of Juarez

Earlier in the day
visitors looking at some of the
Desert Triangle prints from El Paso/Juarez

Earlier in the day,
the space was dedicated to 
paintings by Federico Archuleta,

More great work by Federico

The Switch --
taking down and rolling up Federico's paintings of the day,
to uncover the prints from El Paso/Juarez for the night

Master printer Jonathan Rebolloso
holding up the Federico Villalba print
which he bought

Federico's "Happening"
was one of the recommended events
of the East Austin Studio Tour

The "one night only" event,


The venue is just across I-35,
from the University of Texas

Other posts on Instagram for the East Austin Studio Tour:

An old bicycle show is converted into 
a pop-up gallery
with Selena painting by Federico Archuleta

We sold prints by Cimi Alvarado, Jellyfish, Los Dos, Federico Villalba, Tino Ortega, and one by Zeke Pena which is not in the Desert Triangle.  Plus we dazzled Austin with the augmented reality of Zeke's Desert Triangle print.  It was a great event!

after the East Austin Open Studio Tour,
featuring graffiti muralistas like this one from Fish

We also visited Mexic-Arte
while in Austin,
and will donate a Desert Triangle carpeta 
to this museum

During the event we learned about Mercadorama prints from Mexico.

Meanwhile, Los Dos just finished two murals in San Antonio last week on the Hayes Street Bridge, for the Luminaria Contemporary Arts Festival:

New mural by Los Dos,
in San Antonio

The other mural by Los Dos

We donated one of Francisco Delgado's new lithographs, done at La Ceiba Grafica in Veracruz, to the University of Texas at San Antonio Special Collections  archive.

New litho by Francisco Delgado,
now at UTSA

Professor Kent Rush (l)
reviewing a UTSA portfolio,
including a Luis Jimenez,
to be donated to the UTSA Libraries Special Collections

Starting February 23rd, 2017, we will be showing a collection of new prints at the Purple Gallery in downtown El Paso, constructed around Francisco's print above.  Therefore we bought a great linoleum print from Juan de Dios Mora, who teaches in the University of Texas at San Antonio printmaking department, along with Kent Rush and Humberto Saenz.

We acquired this print

Last year at this time, YayBig Southwest had a print show at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, in Brownsville:

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