Friday, April 29, 2016

Magic Carpeta Ride

April 2016  has been one big Magic Carpeta Ride, pushing prints:

Portland SGCI Conference
(March 30 - April 2)

We were lucky enough to show the Desert Triangle Print Carpeta at the big SGCI print conference 2016 in Portland:

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Spark Saturday
(April 9)

Cynthia Evans of El Paso, and Marcus Robiason of Tucson, gave a relief print demonstration at the El Paso Museum of Art on a baby press, for Spark Saturday:

El Paso Museum of Art Reception
(The week of April 14)

We brought Maestro Arturo Negrete from Taller 75 Grados up from Mexico City, to do a live print demonstration during our reception at the El Paso Museum of Art .  He also did many other print demos in El Paso and Ciudad Juarez:

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Tucson vs Portland
(April 20)

"Old Pueblo vs Portlandia" -- we hung a print show in a Tucson coffee house with some prints we bought from Portland artists, across from a few Desert Triangle prints from Tucson.  I would like to see more prints shows like this -- of one region vs another region/city.

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Press Reaction

A letter to the editor of the El Paso Times spawned a controversy about our print exhibition at the El Paso Museum of Art, which continued that night with television coverage.  Also, Fusion magazine did an article on Maestro Arturo Negrete and his silk screen studio Taller 75 Grados of Mexico City:
Houston Print Fair
(April 24)

We sold Desert Triangle prints at the "It Came from the Bayou" print fair in Houston

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Printmakers Talk
(April 28)

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Las Vegas, New Mexico
(February 13 - March 18)

We got a running start in February and March, showing a few Desert Triangle prints, at the Print, Printed, Printing IV print conference in Las Vegas, New Mexico:

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